The groupwide Global Volunteer Day is a community outreach program focused on instilling the spirit of volunteerism among DPDHL Group employees, encouraging them to devote time and effort to create a positive impact in their communities. Employees are encouraged to organize activities that are aligned with Deutsche Post DHL Group's three Corporate Responsibility programs: GoGreen (protecting the environment), GoHelp (delivering help) and GoTeach (improving educational opportunity and employability).

Introduced in 2008 in Asia Pacific, Volunteer Day has gained strong momentum over the years. In 2014, the initiative attracted some 108,000 participants in 117 countries, collaborating with local partners, customers and non-profit organizations or community organization/agencies to participate in more than 1,000 programs that benefited the local communities.

Volunteerism has truly resonated among employees, demonstrated by the numerous other volunteer projects that take place throughout the year. Since 2013, all volunteering activities will be recognized and counted as GVD activities.

Living Responsibility Fund

The Living Responsibility Fund financially supports local community projects that are run by non-profit organizations and involve the volunteering efforts of our employees. Once again many of our employees applied for project funding in 2012. Funding was granted to 79 projects involving more than 4159 employees in 31 countries. In all, employees volunteered 35,000 hours of their time to local projects. The Living Responsibility Fund donated approximately EUR 212,000 in project funding, which is wired as a charitable donation directly to the participating non-profit organizations. The high rate of participation shows just how important social commitment is to our employees. By helping solve problems in their local communities, they not only make a contribution to society, but create a sense of community and teamwork that carries over into the workplace.

Projects are selected by a jury made up of representatives from the divisions across the Group and the Corporate Center. Funding, which is capped at EUR 4,000 per project, is based on the number of volunteer hours that employees devote to the project over the course of the application year.

When selecting projects, the Living Responsibility Fund looks for initiatives that demonstrate continuity and sustainability.