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Order a courier by phone

Choose one of the great price packages and order a courier by phone from 26.90zl Want to make it cheaper? 
Send online Starting at 24.21zl


(for electronic payments)


enter the code: COURIER10


Send your package online

But do you prefer to send it over the phone?

Important! Only domestic shipments can be made by telephone.



Weight and dimensions of the shipments to be sent according to the service characteristics of the promotional packages.

Detailed information is available in the Price list for Individual Customers.


Prepare your shipment

Pack it in an envelope, a regular-shaped cardboard box, or a courier foil.


Prepare shipment data

Prepare the sender and recipient's details, phone number and email address.


Order a courier

And ship.


Tracking a Shipment

Track your shipment

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Give your package online

Choose one of the great price packages and order a DHL Parcel online!

Ship a package with DHL Parcel ServicePoint

DHL Parcel ServicePoints are closer than you think! Send a domestic or international package at one of 12,000 DHL Parcel ServicePoints.