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  • Due to established restrictions on the operation of trade and people movement, our collection point network (ServicePoints DHL) may be conditioned in some locations due to the closure or reduction of operating hours of some establishments.

    Our delegations will remain open and operational. In this sense, you may deliver your shipments to the premises DHL Parcel, provided that travel is carried out in accordance with the restrictions established by the current emergency status regulations.

Delivery process at ServicePoint DHL



A notification (sms or email) will be left with the ServicePoint details where the shipment was delivered.



To collect your shipment you must show your ID - national card, passport or equivalent. If you cannot collect your shipment in person, you must complete this form so someone else does it in their place. Please attach a copy of your ID to the completed statement.


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Please proceed to ServicePoint to collect your shipment! You have 10 days to pick up your shipment.

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  • Extended opening times, including weekends
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