Education is Key: Celebrating educators around the world

UNESCO’s International Day of Education celebrates the role of education in world peace and development. This year the day addresses the disruption in children’s education due to COVID-19.

Education is a basic human right, a public utility and responsibility at the same time. January 25 marks the third UNESCO International Day of Education. The focus in 2021 is on restoring children and youths’ access to education, which has been severely disrupted by the pandemic. So far, school closures are estimated to have left more than a billion young people at risk of falling behind in their education.

The sobering reality of the pandemic once again highlights the crucial role that teachers have always played in education. Day in and day out, they facilitate discovery through learning and are often role models who inspire young people to be curious.

Over the years, Delivered. has spoken to many  great learning heroes – educators and innovators alike – who provide young people with opportunities to develop and reach new heights. Here are some of their stories:

Bernard Kiwia

A Tanzanian inventor who brings ideas to life and has inspired hundreds of others through his work with NGO and innovation school Twende. 

Sally Brooks

An eduCCate Global Climate Change Teacher, helping students and staff to better understand climate issues and become part of the solution.

Faneva Raharimanantsoa

A GoTeach Regional program manager at DHL who started a small educational initiative in Madagascar, which grew into an international success story.

— Krisjanis Polans

Published: January 2021

Image: iStock