In the Zone: The future of office space set up for agile work at DHL Consulting

HEART SPACE: Here, the whole team comes together for celebrations, updates and virtual meetings that connect them with colleagues in the Americas and Asia-Pacific offices.

A paradigm shift at work: a CEO without their own office, peaceful quiet zones, dedicated spaces for collaborating and a kitchen stocked with healthy goodies and good coffee... Welcome to New Work!

Physical changes to an office space can radically improve well-being, boost productivity and promote cooperation. What’s more, teaming those changes with new, agile ways of working – remote work and home office, for example – gives employees the necessary freedom to thrive.

DHL Consulting launched its colorful new premises in Bonn, Germany, in 2019. Just ahead of the COVID-19 pandemic, as it turned out, which brought massive changes to the world of work globally.

The physical transformation was driven by a shift in mindset. With trust and collaboration defined as the main goals, agile working was introduced and the workspace was redesigned to enable maximum flexibility and foster well-being.

The office features 182 flexible seating options across different zones: from silent work and meeting rooms to open spaces for collaboration, and booking enabled via a smart digital solution.

In collaboration zones, like the Shipping Container, the environment is designed to encourage teams to brainstorm ideas and tackle projects with zeal.



The Park is one of the distraction-free spaces that invite employees to focus on deep work, with designs specially created to promote an air of calm.


The Red Carpet and other meeting rooms are used for team meetings, workshops and client presentations. Cutting-edge technology, ambient lighting and a range of seating options ensure teams can stay productive and comfortable, even during longer appointments.

In an open space, anyone can find a permanent spot for the day. With all the necessary tech in place anyone can plug in and start right away.


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Published: March 2021

Images: DHL