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  • Situations due to the Coronavirus / COVID-19
  • Other unforeseen traffic disruptions

2020-08-25 In the media and in other ways, we are again drawn to the fact that the risk of spreading increases again after a calmer period over the first part of the summer. The information that now reaches us describes that in several of Europe's largest countries the number of cases of Corona / COVID-19 is increasing and the WHO (World Health Organization) has issued warnings for the increasing spread of infection.

In our role as Carrier, we of course try to curb the impact on our transports as much as we can by being prepared and taking measures that we hope will ensure the quality of our customers' freight transports. For several weeks we have seen a return to more normal conditions and restrictions were lifted which brought relief in a large part of these countries, where the industry was previously completely or partially closed but slowly reopened. It is easy to get the impression that now all transport is rolling smoothly, but unfortunately that is not the case. We are still affected in various ways by the previous outbreaks, restrictions and influences beyond our control. Lost volume, less flow and previous balances have changed in connection with changed traffic conditions, which is a challenge that we try to handle in the best way.

It is important that we continue to be a quality-leading carrier with a focus on a high level of quality when it comes to our transports and do our utmost to keep cost development under control. However, extra measures are required to be able to handle these circumstances.

With the above, we therefore want to give you an updated information where countries are affected and will be affected in the future as well as presumed our transports to and from Europe:

  • In all EU countries, the number of cases has accelerated in general
  • According to the WHO, Europe has more reported cases in the first week of August compared to the first week in June (when the countries started opening)
  • Italy - increases in intensity
  • Germany - highest number of new cases since April
  • Spain - increase especially in Catalonia and northern ES
  • France - reported the highest number since May where the Paris area was classified as a red zone
  • United Kingdom, especially in Scotland - an increase in cases
  • Ireland - high proportion of new cases
  • Denmark - the largest increase in cases since April
  • Norway - again imposes tougher restrictions
  • Poland - the largest increase in cases since April - special restrictions in 19 municipalities as from August 8th
  • Central Europe - notes an increase in general and local restrictions are introduced in different countries


  • In case of delivery impediment, we refer to ordinary conditions. It is important that you as a customer have contact with senders / recipients and their opening hours.
  • The situation is constantly changing. We follow developments and keep you informed via the website.
  • We draw your attention to the fact that shipments with COD and CAD are not handled by DHL Freight, neither before, during nor after COVID-19 as Options are not available.
  • We refer to our timetable on our website. We inform as we are reached by information, but in the event of outbreaks and restrictions, it does not always give a complete picture, however, we update with known information frequently. Our disturbance information helps you to create an idea of what affects transport times.
  • At present, we cannot predict how long this will affect us and our customers. There is still no end date today. That we will all be affected, however, is a fact. We follow the course of events both in Sweden and in Europe closely and take the measures we can influence.
  • Previous country information can be obtained via Customer Service 0771-345 345.
  • For questions about specific markets, please contact our Customer Service 0771-345 345.