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Disruption Information as a result of the outbreak of the Coronavirus / Covid-19 and other unforeseen traffic disturbances

2020-05-25 Due to the spread of the Coronavirus, more and more countries in Europe introduced border controls which in many cases led to health checks in many places around Europe. Delays in the transport chain were a fact that could in some cases also lead to a need for other transport routes. In our role as Carrier, we naturally try to curb the impact on our transport as much as we can by taking measures that we hope will ensure the quality of our customers' freight transport. Fortunately, we now see relief in a large part of these countries, where the industry has previously been completely or partially closed but slowly re-opens. However, it will take time before everything is restored to a so-called normal mode and the situation has been normalized to a position where we were before Corona COVID-19. In order to try to restore stability in the transport route, it is important that we understand the circumstances and continue to act in a quality-assured way.

The fact that companies are closed down both inside and outside Sweden means that we must dispose of our units. Lost volume, less flow and earlier balances have changed in connection with changed traffic conditions, which is a challenge that we try to best manage. It is important that we continue to be a quality leading carrier with a focus on a high quality level in our transport and do our utmost to keep cost trends under control. However, additional measures are required to deal with these circumstances.

Previously announced countries have opened up and with one exception; In the UK / IE, the reservation remains important that you as a customer ensure opening hours at the sender and recipient respectively.

We will also continue to update information on this site as and when new changes / needs arise.

  • For delivery barriers, we refer to ordinary conditions. It is important that you as a customer have contact with the sender / recipient and their opening hours.
  • The situation is constantly changing. We follow the developments and keep you constantly informed via the website.
  • We note that consignments with COD and CAD are not handled by DHL Freight, neither before, during or after COVID 19, as Options are not available.
  • In the current situation, the timetable on our website does not always give a complete picture, but is updated frequently. Our disruption information helps you to get an idea of ​​what affects transport times.
  • We cannot currently predict how long this will affect us and our customers. There is still no end date today. That we will all be affected, on the other hand, is a fact. We closely monitor the course of events in both Sweden and Europe and take the measures that we can influence.
  • Previous country information can be obtained via Customer Service +46 771-345 345.
  • If you have questions about specific markets, please contact our Customer Service 0771 345 345.