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Contract Manager

The Philippines

Use three words to describe the culture of DHL.

Responsive. Dynamic. Collaborative.

Tell us why you chose DHL and about your experience in the DHL Graduate Program.

"Coming fresh from the university, I wanted to be part of a company that offers various opportunities for growth. DHL Supply Chain is exactly that - from providing exposure to a variety of sectors in operations (Consumer, Retail, Technology, Life-Science) to involvement in different support functions (Operations Excellence, Project Management, Solutions Design, Transportation, etc).

My experience in the Graduate Program was filled with learning and opportunity. I was assigned in Continuous Improvement  (CI) under Operations Excellence. This enabled me to visit various sites in different sectors, be exposed to their best practices and make recommendations in improvement initiatives. I also had a chance to meet different personalities and kinds of leadership which overall helped me build my understanding of what an effective leader is."

What do you find interesting about the supply chain industry?

When we think supply chain, we often associate it with finished goods. However, it is interesting to see how this industry is also highly dependent on people. Especially being a service-provider, we rely on people to bring about the service that we offer, from receiving stocks to picking and dispatching, even with the support functions that help operations. Every individual is valuable because of the contribution that he/she makes.

If I asked a colleague or a friend to describe you in 3 words, what do you think they will say?

Open-minded, Persistent, Improvement-driven.

What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?

When I wake up, I look forward to the improvements that we can implement onsite. It is exciting for me to see changes take place because it means that we are striving to make things better.

What accomplishment in your program journey are you most proud of and why?

During my experience in the program as CI Lead, I am most proud of the times when I have facilitated RCA (Root Cause Analysis) workshops in different sites. This tool is useful in terms of problem solving. Before joining DHL, I did not have any experience in leading workshops and facilitation, more so with teams that have been in operations for years. With the help and trust of my mentor and training provided within DHL, I was able to develop this skill that has been useful to me ever since.