Director, Strategic Deal Management


Use three words to describe the culture of DHL.

Passionate, people-focused, collaborative        

What excites you most about the logistics industry?  

That it really impacts every aspect of our lives from the food we eat, the mobile devices we use, to the clothes we wear, and even the houses we live in.  And while it has ancient origins, it has evolved over the centuries and even more so in recent years, powered by digitalisation, new trade flows and manufacturing supply chain changes.

What’s a typical week for you at DHL?

There is really no typical week in my role in strategic deal management. I dabble in workshops and meetings over a wide range of topics including mergers & acquisition, strategy, business plan, funding, branding, finance, tax, solution design, project management etc.  It’s constantly about “connecting the dots” in all these matters to drive towards a successful outcome.  Soft skills in communications, stakeholder management are a must.

What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning? 

Colleagues that I’m proud to work with, interesting challenges and complexities in the deals that keep my brain buzzing, growing the business that will create jobs and improve lives for people.

What accomplishment in your journey with DHL are you most proud of? 

DHL’s recent joint venture with JG Summit in the Philippines to provide best-in-class transport and distribution solutions for Philippine-based and international customers, announced in December 2019.

If I asked a colleague or a friend to describe you in 3 words, what do you think they will say? 

Focused, strategic, open