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Operation Section Manager


Use three words to describe the culture of DHL

Supportive, Goal Oriented, Keep Improving

Tell us why you choose DHL and about your experience in DHL Graduate Program

DHL is  the leading global logistics company. The program is well designed in terms of timing and the components of the rotation. I can grow through the program with the support of colleagues and mentors. I have been in various sectors of operations. Different environment widened my perspectives and helped in my adoption and replication of my initiatives from one site to another site.

What do you find interesting about the Supply Chain Industry?

For me, Supply Chain is the non-stop chain to satisfy the end customers. If someone in chain stops, supply chain will be stuck and unable to be the efficient chain anymore. This makes the supply chain interesting and challenging. We need to figure out how we can manage continuous chain with the least rest time.       

If I asked a colleague or a friend to describe you in three words, what do you think they will say?

Helpful, Open-Minded, Focused

What’s typical week for you at DHL?

I started my week with review the data/inputs from my team, and customers, discussion with  the team, find out the causes, and work with the solutions, meeting with the stakeholders, both internally and externally. 

What motivate you to get out of bed in the morning?

It is process improvement, I have ideated and experimented many ideas to improve the productivity and provide the ease of working for the team. Every day, I want to see the changes, even little changes. Also, hear the feedback from my team, trading-off between pros and cons, and getting the agreed solution with them.

What accomplishment in your program journey are you most proud of and why?

My greatest accomplishment is that I can overcome the very difficult situation at a customer with a big variety of product types during my rotation, where I was assigned to be a supervisor in the outbound operation, team. My main task was to ensure orders shipped out in time, and to ensure the documents correct.

At the beginning period, I struggled badly, sometimes failed to meet the expectations. My team and I learned from the mistakes and eventually we could overcome it. Our operation was stable and we can complete all orders perfectly.