Data Analyst, Asia Pacific


Use three words to describe the culture of DHL.

Passionate, Open, Innovative

Tell us about your journey with DHL and why you chose DHL?

I first joined DHL as an intern in the IT Planning and Architecture team during my senior year in 2017. The experience left a great impression on me, especially the warm and friendly colleagues plus the workstyle that empowers you to make decisions and take up responsibilities.  I did not hesitate to choose DHL again after graduating in 2018 to start off my career here.

What do you find interesting about the logistics industry?

Coming from an IT academic background, I had little to no idea what supply chain was other than moving boxes from one place to another. Working here made me realise that supply chain connected the world long before the internet came around. The smartphone on your hand saw its components travel across 10 countries before reaching your hands. Although termed the supply chain industry, we have a role to play in almost every other industry as well. Becoming an essential part of everyday life.

What’s a typical week for you at DHL?

With an organization strategy focused on digitalization, the term 'typical' cannot describe my week.  Due to the nature of innovation, I can be analysing data to improve the performance of our transports in the region at one moment, then switched to studying and proposing suitable robotic solutions to improve customer's warehouse operation efficiency or meeting their growth needs.

What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?

Lunch! With amazing and fun colleagues, the best time of the day is heading out and spending quality fun time connecting with my fellow colleagues over good food.

What accomplishment in your journey with DHL are you most proud of?

Beyond just the technological tools created to support our operations, I feel proud to be able to bring greater awareness on being data focused in the process of doing things. This builds a foundation where we can always look back and analyse the way things have been done, thus finding more opportunities to optimize.

If I asked a colleague or a friend to describe you in 3 words, what do you think they will say?

Motivated, freehearted, innovative!