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Press Release: Thailand 01/29/2020

From left: Alessandro Piscini and Aimone Ripa di Meana, CREA founders, Kevin Burrell, CEO and Ian Wharton, General Manager – eCommerce of DHL Supply Chain Thailand
  • Partnership combines CREA’s best-in-class technology and expertise in the digital commerce space with DHL’s efficient supply chain management system and network to help brands win in the online space
  • Both companies aim to facilitate the integration of B2B and B2C supply chains and simplify the process of a digital commerce transformation

CREA, a leading digital commerce enabler for brands, joins forces with DHL Supply Chain Thailand, the global market leader for contract logistics solutions, to offer brands a world class solution for digital commerce. Powered by CREA’s order management technology, which is seamlessly integrated with the leading online marketplaces, brands can also tap into DHL’s warehouse management system and network to achieve further growth in the online space. 

The partnership between CREA and DHL comes at an opportune time given the ever-expanding digital commerce landscape in Southeast Asia, where there is a radical transformation in the way that consumers shop. Overall, digital commerce in the region is expected to reach over 150 billion USD in 2025, which is a 50% increase from the 2018 prediction. This shift towards digital commerce is backed by the young mobile-first generation in South East Asia where over 90% of them now connect to the internet mainly via their mobile phones, prompting more brands to go online. This holds true, particularly in Thailand, where consumers are demonstrating higher propensity to make purchases directly from brands online, making direct brand engagement with consumers more crucial than ever.  

Aimone Ripa di Meana, Co-founder of CREA and former Chief Operating Officer of Lazada Group said, “At CREA, we started our journey focusing on demand generation, content management, data insights technology and services for brands to shift their business online. However, as the brands in the portfolio grew, we identified significant challenges in their fulfillment solutions, particularly their ability to manage across multiple channels, peaks from campaigns or product launches as well as complex marketing campaigns. Combining our technology with DHL’s expertise and experience as the global leader in providing simple and efficient supply chain solutions, we believe that we can offer brands all the resources to manage fulfillment with maximum efficiency.” 

“The thriving digital commerce market presents a very exciting opportunity for DHL Supply Chain to help brands grow by providing scalable facilities that can help manage fulfillment as well as state of the art technology, including goods to man, collaborative robots and our best of breed systems to increase efficiency. Through our partnership with CREA, we believe that we have created the complete solution to our customers’ digital commerce needs. Marrying our fulfillment solutions with CREA’s innovative front end management technology enables us to address the market in terms of online presence, fulfillment speed, safety and security”, said Kevin Burrell, CEO of DHL Supply Chain Thailand Cluster (Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and Cambodia).

Under the partnership agreement, both companies will help brands tackle the challenges they encounter throughout B2B and B2C supply chains. CREA’s customers, comprised of global consumer brands, will gain access to DHL’s world class supply chain facility and solutions, and DHL customers can leverage CREA’s technology and services to look into demand generation, content management and data insights. As part of the collaboration, CREA and DHL also aim to work with existing DHL customers who currently operate traditional offline business but are keen to leverage the companies’ network to make the transition towards digital commerce.