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Warehouse and Transport Innovations

Our approach to automation and digitalization drives efficiencies in the supply chain and is under-pinned by resource orchestration to continuously optimize operations.

Take a Look Inside the Robotics Hub

Our innovative DHL Robotics Hub is a collaboration platform that orchestrates robotics and digital automation technologies by offering plug-and-play connectivity to Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).

Offering pre-connectivity between technologies and systems.

Automation and Robots

Assisted Picking

Leveraging automation minimizes worker fatigue, reduces error rate, decreases training time, increases employee satisfaction and improved units picked per hour.

  • Assisted Picking Robots and Robotic Arms
  • Good-to-Person Robots
  • Indoor Robotic Transport

Wrapping Robot

The Wrapping Robots boost the stretch-wrapping process, decrease potential product damage and save on film waste. They come equipped with several programs allowing larger and oddly shaped items to be safely and efficiently wrapped for shipping or storage.

  • Efficiently and tightly stretch-wrap loads of various shapes and sizes
  • 50% operator time freed up for other activities
  • 30–40% of saving in foil compared to manual process

Wearable Devices

Smart and Android devices that supports core warehouse processes and other operational applications enable hands-free operations and make picking processes more efficient.

  • Reduced weight from traditional hand-held RF devices
  • 10-15% productivity increase due to the time saved with hands-free operations
  • Positive user feedback due to improved ergonomics

Supporting Robots

Improved mapping of environments, better path planning, longer lasting batteries, efficient electric motors and the development of omnidirectional wheels have revolutionized the category of supporting robots

  • Cleaning - Cleans up to 1,200 square meters per hour
  • Security - detect anomalous behavior at night
  • Dimensioning - quickly and accurately measures inventory

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