Logistics for the Love of Football

When it comes to global brand recognition, it’s hard to top Manchester United. Established in 1878, the world-famous football club has won more than 50 major titles and boasts a fan base of some 1.1 billion – more than any other club in the world.

As Official Logistics Partner, DHL is proud to bring its decades of experience to support Manchester United’s logistics needs – from everyday courier service, shipping tour equipment, to merchandise distribution for the Manchester United Megastore. At the same time, DHL leverages the club's popularity for its own marketing activities globally, particularly in the Americas, Middle East and Asia, where the club’s following is very strong.

At DHL, we are enormously proud of our relationship with Manchester United – because it brings together two well-known and well-established global brands, because it’s a successful partnership, and because we just love being part of world-class football. In 2017, we initiated the UNITED. DELIVERED. Global Football Tour. Beginning at Old Trafford, Manchester United players sent a single football on a journey around the world with DHL. Since then, fans across the globe have hosted matches using the ball. It might be a competitive match or just a kick about with friends – either way, it’s a DHL-powered celebration of our collective love of the club, the players, and the ManU style of play.


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