As a small or mid-sized online business, how you deliver has a big impact on your customers' experience. Let us connect you with the right services for your e-commerce shipping. 

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Many E-commerce Shipping Options

When you reach out to us, people from our dedicated divisions will connect you with the e-commerce delivery options your customers are looking for:

  • Affordable domestic & international delivery options*
  • Global express shipping to fast-track their satisfaction
  • Carbon-neutral shipping options.

*Available from 100 parcels per day, 500 per week or 2,000 per month

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Flexible Deliveries

Also inquire about the ways we fit deliveries into your customers' busy lives, including our set of affordable  flexible options. But when flexibility is what matters most, our premium services deliver superior speed and convenience.

  • Choose a new delivery date or time
  • Deliver to neighbor, alternate address, or service point.

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Easy E-commerce Returns

Our convenient return solutions make sending products back as simple as possible for you and your customers.

  • Give your customers easy, clear return options
  • Recover your items quickly.

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Smart E-commerce Delivery Tracking

If you're looking for better e-commerce tracking, we can guide you through the tracking options we offer your customers:

  • Widely available DHL tracking websites and portals where customers can check the status of deliveries
  • APIs that let you send e-mail updates to your customers with tracking information.

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We Know Your Customers


browse your delivery options pre-checkout


abandon their cart if delivery options are limited


check return policies before they buy

Support with Customs, Duties and Taxes

No one likes surprise fees, least of all your customers. We make it easy for you to calculate international shipping rates, including all cross-border shipping costs.

  • Choose to pay international shipping fees for your customers in advance
  • Give them the option to prepay with our convenient DHL Express tools
  • And, don't be shy about asking us for customs advice – we've been moving goods across borders since 1969!

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Convenient Parcel Collection and Drop-off

Getting your parcels to us should be one of the easiest parts of your day.

  • We'll swing by your workplace to collect your parcels
  • Or you can drop off parcels at our dense network of local service points
  • Find us at hundreds of thousands of locations worldwide.

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Efficient Shipping Management & Integrations

No matter where and how you sell your products online, our job is making it easy.

  • We're on most big e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Magento and more
  • Your DHL business account gives you free access to our shipping portals to manage orders, print labels and track shipments
  • Running your own system? Check out our API library. 

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Professional Inbound Shipping and Importing

If you need to source products for your business domestically or abroad, get in touch to discuss your budget, shipment timing and size, and we'll answer whatever other e-commerce sourcing questions are on your mind.

  • Shipping for containers, pallets or other freight
  • Import your products by air, sea, rail or road.

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Tell us more about your shipping needs, so we can get in touch to start a conversation and find the right DHL services and preferential shipping rates for your e-commerce business.