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In order for each event to run smoothly, a complex and far-reaching range of logistics needs to be managed. Precise planning, fast decision making and reliable delivery are vital. From the start, the series’ organizers reached out to DHL to manage the ‘race behind the race’. In 2010, DHL became Official Logistics Partner of the World Touring Car Cup.

Throughout the year, DHL works closely with WTCR, devising a tightly organized logistics calendar. Details are planned a year in advance to ensure that both the cars and the teams’ extensive equipment and infrastructure all arrive in the right place at the right time, in immaculate condition.

Specialist handling is required for the race cars, the fuel and spare parts, and DHL pays particular attention to using the most efficient modes of transport. For this reason, ocean freight is a major part of the logistics solution for the events outside of Europe. In addition, DHL managed logistics duties include the handling of garage and paddock equipment, freight storage, customs clearance and express shipments for FIA WTCR Management. At every stage of the partnership, precise time management has proven essential. Trucking from port to race venue and the assembly and dismantling of equipment all have to be carried out to a strict schedule and considered in the planning. When required, DHL teams are also expert at finding solutions to last-minute problems, arranging short-notice flights and transportations for emergency problems as well as factoring in possible delays in transit to ensure the equipment is available for race weekends.

While we operate behind-the-scenes, the DHL brand has regular appearances on the podium thanks to the success of WTCR driver and DHL ambassador Tom Coronel. To further champion speed and consistency in performance, we have created our own category within the Championship, the DHL Pole Position Award. This award recognizes the driver who posts the most Pole Positions consistently throughout the season.

WTCR first approached DHL looking for support from a strong, dynamic organization with expertise and experience to help grow their event internationally. At every step of the way, DHL has enabled WTCR to reach their goals of delivering against their requirements with passion, efficiency and precision.

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