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Fraud Alert: Vehicle Financing

January 25, 2022

Dear Customers,  

After becoming aware regarding information published involving the name of DHL Express about of contracting processes, the company announces that it is not carrying out any type of contracting linked to vehicle financing. 

DHL Express reinforces that does not promote vacancies and hiring process on other channels such as radio, social networks or WhatsApp. It does only on official careers web pages as on our page on Linkedin and on vacancy sites such as:, Catho and Indeed. In addition, the company does not make any requests for payment of amounts for registrations, exams, courses related to the opportunities. 

DHL is a leading company in the logistics segment and reinforces that it does not make any intermediation to vehicle financing or ask payment for any other tool that can support work activities 

If you have access for any dubious communication as well as people pretending to be legal representatives, please notify us immediately in our emails and We are paying attention mainly in relation to local radio stations broadcasting ads about vehicle financing to add to our fleet. 

Please contact us if you have any questions:  

São Paulo: 3618-3200

Others cities:0800 771 3451


DHL Express (Brazil) Ltda