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On February 18, 2019, SF Supply Chain China became the exclusive strategic partners of Deutsche Post DHL (hereinafter referred to as DPDHL) for DPDHL's supply chain business in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao in accordance with the strategic partnership agreement reached by DPDHL and S.F. Holding. For more information of SF Supply Chain China, please visit www.sf-dsc.comLearn more about SF-DSC.

DHL Packaging Solutions

Services to Pack, Prepare & Customize Products
  • Packaging design, procurement and assembly
  • Pre-retailing services and production of point-of-sale displays
  • Primary packaging or co-manufacturing
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Ensure that your packaging requirements are addressed rapidly, effectively and cost-efficiently in response to changing market conditions. Based on your specific product requirements, we will prepare and deliver a customized packaging operation that may include:

  • Sticker application
  • Banding
  • Re-work
  • Displays
  • Management of returnable packaging assets, including cleaning and refurbishment
  • Environmentally-friendly packaging
  • Rental of specialized packaging
  • Optimized and sustainable packaging

DHL In-plant Logistics

Logistical Services for Inside the Manufacturing Plant
  • Kanban replenishment and line readiness
  • Transportation scheduling, dispatch and yard management
  • Sequencing and line feed
  • Production engineering and labor productivity
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Ensure site safety, maximum productivity and high-quality output with the aim of zero line stoppages at your production site. DHL’s in-plant logistics solution helps you achieve the ideal balance of people, process and productivity with the following:

  • Procurement
  • Inventory management
  • Plant-based distribution centers
  • Deconsolidation
  • Decanting sub-assembly and kitting
  • Packaging
  • Supplier and materials management
  • Returnable asset management

DHL Pre-sales Services

Pre-sales and Pre-market Customization and Product Assembly
  • Postponement
  • Customization and configuration
  • Assembly and kitting
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Ensure your products are customized in an agile manner to meet the precise specifications of each order. Leverage DHL’s integrated bundle of pre-sales and pre-market value-added services, including:

  • Technical staging and pre-deployment