On October 26, 2018, S.F. Holding Co., Ltd. and Deutsche Post DHL Group (hereinafter referred to as DPDHL) achieved a strategic cooperation. DPDHL's supply chain business in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao began a journey with brand new appearance of SF DHL Supply Chain China. For more information please visit www.sf-dsc.comLearn more about SF-DSC.

DHL Packaging Solutions

Services to Pack, Prepare & Customize Products
  • Packaging design, procurement and assembly
  • Pre-retailing services and production of point-of-sale displays
  • Primary packaging or co-manufacturing
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Ensure that your packaging requirements are addressed rapidly, effectively and cost-efficiently in response to changing market conditions. Based on your specific product requirements, we will prepare and deliver a customized packaging operation that may include:

  • Sticker application
  • Banding
  • Re-work
  • Displays
  • Management of returnable packaging assets, including cleaning and refurbishment
  • Environmentally-friendly packaging
  • Rental of specialized packaging
  • Optimized and sustainable packaging

DHL In-plant Logistics

Logistical Services for Inside the Manufacturing Plant
  • Kanban replenishment and line readiness
  • Transportation scheduling, dispatch and yard management
  • Sequencing and line feed
  • Production engineering and labor productivity
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Ensure site safety, maximum productivity and high-quality output with the aim of zero line stoppages at your production site. DHL’s in-plant logistics solution helps you achieve the ideal balance of people, process and productivity with the following:

  • Procurement
  • Inventory management
  • Plant-based distribution centers
  • Deconsolidation
  • Decanting sub-assembly and kitting
  • Packaging
  • Supplier and materials management
  • Returnable asset management

DHL Pre-sales Services

Pre-sales and Pre-market Customization and Product Assembly
  • Postponement
  • Customization and configuration
  • Assembly and kitting
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Ensure your products are customized in an agile manner to meet the precise specifications of each order. Leverage DHL’s integrated bundle of pre-sales and pre-market value-added services, including:

  • Technical staging and pre-deployment