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Logistics Solutions for Your E-Commerce Business


Logistics Solutions for Your E-Commerce Business

The way consumers purchase has evolved dramatically in the past few years. Online shopping has significantly increased in popularity as shoppers are being spoilt for choice with a wide array of products and services at competitive prices. Transparent and secure purchases also let customers shop with ease even when the transaction might be from across the world. 

E-commerce online platforms are used to reach a wider range of audiences be it local, regional, or global. As more businesses and industries take on a digital front, the online commerce scene also becomes increasingly competitive. Shoppers want seamless processes, fast payments, one-stop shopping portals, and most importantly, fast and reliable international shipping services.

Managing the product flow in the vertical supply chain is the true challenge of running an online business. The process becomes even more complicated when there is a larger product mix or multiple aspects in the supply chain. 

For example, if a business manufactures different products and then sells the finished goods online, their supply chain would start all the way from getting the raw material that is used in the manufacturing, until the end product reaches the customer. There are also returned goods – products that are defective or damaged that might be exchanged or returned from the buyer. In between all these processes, logistics play a crucial role in ensuring a timely and efficient business flow.

It is plain to see that the whole process is not that straightforward, and these are critical elements in maintaining a successful online business. The absence of well-organized logistics and planning could lead to catastrophic failure. The good news is that you can engage various partners to help out in different phases of the chain. With the unending selection of e-Commerce platforms, marketplaces and service providers, you just need to select the right partners that suits the tone of your business requirements.

DHL Express, a trusted courier service in Singapore, supports many e-commerce businesses with delivery fulfillment and also return logistics. With our intricate network of flights and our many dedicated staff, we have been consistently providing a quality service to all our customers over many years. 

One of the core elements of our service is not providing a single solution that fits all our customers. The truth is all businesses grow at different speeds, and have different logistical needs. This is where our experts at DHL Express will dedicate their time and effort to helping your business tackle its unique challenges to grow successfully. 

Take a look at some of the benefits of how our services can add value to your e-commerce business.


At DHL Express, we pride ourselves to have one of the fastest transit times in the world. Within the Asia Pacific, we can reach most destinations within 1 or 2 working days*. From Singapore to Europe or the USA, our transit times range from 2 to 4 working days* within major cities. Our service is also comprehensive from end to end, meaning that it is delivered right to the doorstep of your desired location. With the increasingly competitive online shopping market, you want to ensure that your customers have the best possible experience by receiving their orders quickly.

*Transit times are subject to customs clearance and aircraft availability.


We are a huge supporter of e-commerce businesses. We understand that it can be a great deal of work to make sure every part of your operations is taken care of. Over the years, we have developed tools that are specifically catered to e-commerce users, be it shipper or receiver, to provide the best possible experience. 

Our MyDHL+ portal allows you to settle all your basic shipping needs in one place. ODD offers six alternate receiving options to give your consignee the flexibility to get their shipment at their own convenience.

We also partner with many e-commerce platform brands like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento to name a few. By offering an e-commerce integration for DHL Express services, your users can immediately calculate shipping costs while all the back-end paperwork and collection arrangements will be done seamlessly. 


When you ship with us, a dedicated account manager will be allocated to you as your point of contact. We also have many different departments just to provide you support on any possible issues that might arise, at no additional costs. 

Our customer service team operates 24/7 and can assist with all shipping related requests, our e-commerce helpdesk to assist you with all our e-commerce integration, and helping to establish the DHL Express Commerce (DEC) platform and API (upon request) and our finance team to help you will all your billing requirements.

We are dedicated to provide the highest quality of service and help with a huge portion of your e-commerce business. By taking care of your last mile and return logistics, you can focus on what makes your business great!

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