Why technology and communication are the real shining stars of logistics

When people think of global logistics, they often imagine cargo containers, ocean freight liners, and airplanes. While the physical infrastructure is essential, what really keeps the moving parts in perpetual motion are dedicated people and clear communication. Here’s how we’re combining technology and social collaboration to light the way.

Logistics is about clear lines of communication

Once upon a time, in the earliest days of international freight, lines of sight – in the literal sense – were essential elements of global logistics. Without a clear view of the stars to navigate, ships had a tough time moving goods across a long distance.

Fast forward to today, when technology has made logistics a global, 24/7 operation that has little to do with our eyes following the North Star. Instead, we need to follow information on our screens and maintain clear lines of digital communication with our mouths, ears, and keyboards. And that process needs to be easy to navigate and take place in real time.

Smart applications are the key to a clear view

We are all familiar with the ease at which we can communicate with each other thanks to digital technology. Conversing with friends and family – in real-time and full color – is effortless, no matter the distance. And even despite the distance, there’s no barrier to entry. Our smartphone apps are easy to use and effectively free.

We see this in the e-commerce world as well, with businesses harnessing all manner of digital tools and platforms to create immersive shopping experiences that focus on making it as easy as possible for consumers to click on the buy button. But while we have come to expect this experience in our private lives, the situation is often vastly different when we boot up our computers at work.

“Customers from the B2C sector are used to very nice and smart apps,” said Frauke Heistermann, a digital supply chain expert and recent panelist at the myDHLi Digital Summit.  “Then they come into the B2B business, and they see ugly software. It is hard to make the interface easy for the customer, but the one who makes this possible, who thinks really from the customer point of view – they will win the race.”

Supply chain management meets social collaboration

At DHL, we’ve always known that logistics is a people business – an operation that sinks or swims on clear communication. Helping our customers communicate across borders and oceans is just as vital as keeping every physical link in the supply chain well-oiled and running smoothly. But we also recognize and respect the complexity of global logistics operations. Innovation in digital technology is now allowing us to simplify that complexity in many new ways – and we’re taking full advantage to provide customers with more accessible tools to manage shipments and supply chains. 

One example is myDHLi, a one-stop customer portal that integrates services like online quotation and booking with shipment tracking, document accessibility, and data analyses.

myDHLi – Simply Connected.

Digital logistics boosting your business.

myDHLi combines these critical elements of a well-run supply chain business with the familiar features and natural flow today’s technology users expect. For example, users can now follow and share information like they do on social media. This allows them to track their shipments from start to finish and conveniently share this information with ease.

myDHLi in terms of numbers


YOY sales increase, Q1/2020 to Q1/2021





A big “Like” from customers

The success of myDHLi did not come as a huge surprise. That’s because we’ve been working closely with our customers to provide the features they need. When we rolled out the portal in May 2020, customers immediately embraced it. In the first four months of 2021, 2000 new customers joined the platform. And since we launched myDHLi, we’ve expanded the portal to 54 new countries. The platform also arrived at a crucial moment in logistics history. Many shippers and supply chain managers had become frustrated by snags and hiccups brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic in the early part of 2020. 

But the numbers only tell part of the story. For most customers, the success of myDHLi comes down to the ease with which their businesses can benefit from a boost in efficiency, clarity, and speed.

“I use myDHLi every morning while having coffee,” said Levent Demirsoy, Logistics Business Support Manager at Kone. “The dashboard is very simple.”

Mike de Beer, Global Category Manager at Prodrive, says myDHLi’s quote feature “saves a lot of phone calls and emails.”

Many users have discovered that their own client management processes have improved thanks to myDHLi. For example, they appreciate the ability to easily send customers important shipment status updates right from the platform. This gives them a newfound agility to react quickly to supply chain disruptions, such as the Ever Given event in the Suez Canal.

To deliver features like these and smooth the user experience, we’ve embraced advanced data analytics and AI. We’re utilizing state-of-the-art technology to increase transparency and enable seamless communication to make lives easier and add value.

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Uwe Brinks and Tim Scharwath at the Digital Summit.

myDHLi Digital Summit

The insights and functionality of cutting-edge technology like myDHLi are becoming benchmarks in the freight industry, and we have no plans to slow the pace of digitalization.

“For us, myDHLi translates digitalization into customer-centricity,” said Tim Scharwath, CEO Global Forwarding, Freight. At the summit, he announced a new annual conference that will create a unique opportunity to drive the progress of digital transformation in logistics, in line with Deutsche Post DHL Group’s strategy of “Delivering Excellence in Digital World.”

The first myDHLi Digital Summit was held recently and featured a host of new features and the integration of road customers from DHL Freight into the platform.

Watch your logistics stars align

Like global logistics, the rapid pace of innovation never slows, which is why we are continuously developing myDHLi and working with customers to improve it. 
There is always something new to learn about the features, availability, and benefits of myDHLi on the platform’s website. We invite you to follow this link to find out how technology and communication at DHL can make your logistics stars align.

Published: June 2021


myDHLi, a one-stop customer portal that integrates services like online quotation and booking with shipment tracking, document accessibility, and data analyses.

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