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Guidelines for Sharing and Republishing Our Content

Would you like to share or republish a Delivered article? That’s great! We’d like our content to reach as many people as possible. But please keep the following in mind:

Delivered represents the DHL Group to a global audience. We produce our content to a very high standard, carefully selecting each topic and aligning it with a variety of stakeholders both inside and outside the Group. Therefore, it’s important that we ensure compliance with all requirements before granting permission to republish.

Please review the guidelines below and then contact us for permission. Write to and include the URL of the article in the body of the email.

Social sharing

Please feel free to share our content on social media without contacting us for approval. If you’d like us to take notice, please use the following hashtag and handles, or tag us on LinkedIn:


@dhl_global (Instagram)

@dhl (Facebook)


Do not edit or alter Delivered articles in any way. Include a link back to our original article with the following statement:

“This article was originally published on Delivered. It is republished here with permission from DHL.”

Include a canonical label with the original article URL in your article’s HTML (<link rel=”canonical” href=”URL OF ORIGINAL DELIVERED ARTICLE”>). This ensures Delivered is noted as the original source and prevents search engines from penalizing both websites for publishing identical content.

Visuals and videos

All visuals and videos published on Delivered are protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws. Therefore, do not republish images or illustrations unless you have purchased the rights to do so.

You may reuse any videos hosted on DHL YouTube channel by simply embedding them in your website.