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Redefining bulk liquid logistics: How DHL Flexitanks are transforming the industry

Transporting bulk liquids like chemicals or perishable foods is a challenge like no other, demanding precision and care, especially when stringent safety and temperature control measures are required. Here’s how DHL is moving these products efficiently, safely, and sustainably – redefining bulk liquid shipping worldwide.

A challenge like no other

Transporting bulk liquids comes with unique challenges. Liquid chemicals, especially those used in pharmaceuticals, can pose pollution risks and are subject to strict safety measures. Additionally, food ingredients and beverages often require temperature control to stay fresh.

The logistics industry must navigate these complexities while also dealing with potential disruptions that can affect supply chains, such as strikes, conflicts, or natural disasters. A reliable, safe, and sustainable solution is clearly needed. 

The bulk is in the tank

Our answer to these challenges is Flexitanks. These large, flexible polyethylene tanks fit inside standard shipping containers and offer a versatile solution for transporting and storing liquids.

Design and Material

Made from high-quality polyethylene film, Flexitanks are purpose-built to meet diverse liquid logistics needs. They come in single-layered or multi-layered polyethylene, with standard and specialized options for the different types of liquids.  

Production Capacity

With the ability to produce 350,000 Flexitanks across five factories on three continents, DHL ensures they are always available, even during supply chain disruptions. We control the entire production process, from manufacturing the films to rigorous quality and food safety standards.

Technological Innovation

For high-viscosity and temperature-sensitive liquids, DHL offers heated tanks equipped with innovative steam-powered heating pads. This solution keeps liquids at the right temperature during transport.


Flexitanks, including the bulkhead panels used in the containers, can be recovered and recycled. This helps reduce waste and supports environmental sustainability.

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The results speak for themselves

  • Efficiency and safety: Flexitanks offer a more efficient and safer way to transport bulk liquids. They keep liquids in optimal conditions, minimizing the risk of contamination and spoilage.
  • Sustainability: Flexitanks can be recycled, which helps meet our sustainability goals. They reduce our environmental impact and support a circular economy.
  • Reliability: With in-house production and a global network, we maintain high standards and ensure timely delivery, even during disruptions.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Flexitanks cut down the need for multiple smaller containers, lowering transport costs and boosting efficiency.
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Flexitanks: Efficient, safe, and sustainable

If you’re facing the challenge of bulk liquid transport, transform it into an opportunity for growth.

Flexitanks are redefining bulk liquid logistics by offering globally integrated, safe, and sustainable solutions. Designed to address the unique challenges of each liquid product, they ensure that your cargo arrives in optimal condition and is ready for the next leg of its journey.


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Published: July 2024

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