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The Earth in front of the Moon

Making the moon more accessible to mankind

The world’s first commercial payload service to the Moon is preparing to launch – and with it the dawn of a new era in human history. Our return to the lunar surface marks the beginning of the lunar logistics supply chain.

Since the space age began in the 1950s, the high cost has always limited access to the expanse beyond Earth’s atmosphere. For most countries, a space program has been simply out of reach. 

In recent decades, the development of commercial launch systems has considerably reduced costs, allowing more state and private players to play an active role in the growing space industry. But many governments, universities, non-profits, and others still can’t afford the enormous price tag. Even NASA's Artemis program, which plans to land the first woman and next man on the Moon by 2024, needs to collaborate with commercial partners to pave a path to affordable and sustainable space exploration. 

During the Artemis program, NASA will land the first woman and first person of color on the Moon. © NASA

Leading the way to lunar logistics

NASA started its Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) initiative to help lay the foundation for human missions to the lunar surface. Through CLPS, NASA is tapping into the innovative power of commercial partners to deliver science and technology to the lunar service.

One of those partners is Astrobotic – a space robotics company seeking to make space accessible to the world. NASA has chosen Astrobotic to provide the very first commercial payload service to the Moon. With a series of contract wins from NASA, the company is also maturing its robotic CubeRover product line for future exploration on the lunar surface.

Once launched on its voyage to the Moon, Astrobotic’s Peregrine Lander will carry out the first commercial precision robotic Moon landing. Peregrine’s 28 payloads include an array of scientific instruments and exploration devices, such as the CubeRovers that will explore the Moon and transmit real-time HD images and data back to Earth. The endeavor will launch a lunar logistics service that provides a commercial gateway to the Moon.


Opening the Moon to everyone

Richard Garriott, private astronaut and son of NASA astronaut Owen Garriott, shares why he is sending a letter as a time capsule to the Moon in the DHL MoonBox.

Official Logistics Provider – to the Moon

DHL is joining Astrobotic on this groundbreaking journey, together with Airbus. As the mission’s Official Logistics Provider to the Moon, we’ll leverage our position as the world’s leading logistics company and use our global network and local expertise to handle the complete ground logistics of the international payloads to the launch site. Our lunar logistics services will also manage the safe and reliable transport of the precious lunar lander. With Astrobotic and Airbus, we will open a new age in human history – and ultimately the Moon to everyone, everywhere.

Exploring the lunar surface with Astrobotic

There are numerous challenges involved in the design of moon exploration vehicles. But there are also considerable opportunities in the development of technology for lunar and planetary missions. Astrobotic’s Planetary Mobility team is developing the world’s first and smallest commercial lunar rover, the CubeRover, along with medium and large lunar rovers MoonRanger and Polaris. Scientists will be able to use the CubeRover product line, the smallest about the size of a shoebox, to conduct independent research on the Moon.

The CubeRover was designed to accommodate payloads with varying mass and power demands. © Astrobotic

Delivered – the Global Logistics Magazine – recently caught up with Astrobotic’s Director of Planetary Mobility to discuss the challenges of exploring the lunar surface.


Send your own memento to the Moon in the DHL MoonBox

In addition to its scientific payloads, Astrobotic’s first commercial lunar landing will also deliver the DHL MoonBox – a pod full of mementos from people all over the world. These keepsakes will be stored on the Moon as time capsules for centuries to come.

The first DHL MoonBox is full, and the manifest for Peregrine Mission 1 complete, but Astrobotic is accepting orders for future lunar missions. Sign up and forever link your most meaningful moments with the night sky. 

Who do you love to the Moon and back?

We asked the question, and over 100,000 of you decided to be a part of our first lunar logistics mission. Check out some of the sweet selfies now destined for outer space!

A history of innovation

We have repeatedly revolutionized, shaped, and simplified the world of logistics – from inventing the international air express industry to becoming the world’s leading logistics company. We’re thinkers, makers, and pioneers who constantly challenge what’s possible. And now we’re exploring a new frontier: Moon logistics.

Published: May 2021

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