Making van Gogh's legacy both accessible and sustainable

While visitors to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam are transported through the artist’s work and life, the museum’s shop and webstore invite anyone anywhere to collect a piece of van Gogh’s legacy for themselves or send a special van Gogh delivery to someone with minimal environmental impact.

A special van Gogh delivery

Large blossom branches against a blue sky. Coarse faces and hard-working hands in earth colors. Strong contrasts and simple furniture. Visitors to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam immerse themselves in the work of the world-famous artist. They learn about his life, explore his letters, and discover his dreams and ambitions.

But what if you are at the museum and wish to share the memorable experience with others? And what if you love Vincent van Gogh but live halfway around the world?

No matter where you are, you could sleep under an Almond Blossom duvet, brave the rain in a distinctive raincoat inspired by The Potato Eaters, or play a game of Van Gogh Monopoly with your family. The Van Gogh Museum Shop offers everything from prints and wallpaper to books and bedding - all based on the legacy of Vincent van Gogh.

The shop allows visitors to share a special gift with someone they love, say something they've always wanted to say, remind someone of a precious moment shared together, and so much more. It gives fans around the world the opportunity to welcome the artist into their homes despite being so far away.


A special journey

Visitors to the Van Gogh Museum are transported on a special journey. Now they can share that experience, and a piece of van Gogh’s legacy, with someone they love, from the museum’s shop and webstore.


Safe, swift, sustainable

The Van Gogh Museum’s mission is to inspire a diverse audience with the life and work of Vincent van Gogh and his time, both in the museum and beyond. The shop and online store is one way the museum's caretakers carry out that mission.

Whether in Amsterdam or shopping online, people can collect a piece of van Gogh’s legacy for themselves or send a special van Gogh delivery to someone with minimal environmental impact. Each order starts a journey in motion, with DHL Express making sure each eagerly awaited item completes it safely, swiftly, and sustainably. As partner of the Van Gogh Museum, we facilitate the worldwide delivery of each purchase – both at the museum shop and webstore.

After an order is placed and carefully packaged at the museum's warehouse, DHL collects it, carries it to a DHL Service Center, and transports it to DHL's hub at the airport - using zero emissions vehicles like DHL cargo bikes and electric delivery vans where possible. The shipments arrive the following business day in some parts of the world and after only two business days in others.

We not only leverage our global network to ensure each package arrives safely and at the right address, we also utilize our green logistics solutions to make the journey carbon neutral. While electric delivery vans and parcel bikes reduce emissions to zero on the ground, we offset the carbon emissions produced on the road and in the air.










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DHL and the Van Gogh Museum Shop

Although DHL Express had been delivering items ordered from the Van Gogh Museum Shop for some time, the company signed a three-year partnership with the Van Gogh Museum in July 2020. As part of the new agreement, DHL handles the entire shipping process and offsets all transport-related carbon emissions via its GoGreen environmental protection program.


About the Van Gogh Museum

With more than 200 paintings, nearly 500 drawings and more than 800 letters, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam  is home to the world's largest collection of works by Vincent van Gogh. The permanent collection transports visitors on a journey through his life and reveals the ideas and ambitions behind his art.

Every year, the museum welcomes more than 2.1 million visitors from all around the world and reaches millions more followers through its website and social medial channels.


Published: December 2020

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