Named after British singer Sade, Sade Eiman is one of the newer members of the DHL family. With the company for two years, she is a customer service agent at DHL Express South Africa who makes customers happy with a tune and feels connected to colleagues across the world via DHL’s Certified program.

I feel truly uplifted by my recent Certified International Specialist (CIS) experience. A group of us went through five days of induction about our company, our global network and our customer focus. At the end, I received my CIS passport; it’s modeled on a real passport and has my photo and the first stamp, showing I’m a Certified International Specialist. As I learn more and join more modules and activities, I’ll get more stamps.

I now carry this passport with me everywhere. It makes me feel proud to have a new qualification and to be connected to colleagues in 220 countries and territories across the world. As part of CIS, we all receive the same experience, we speak the same language and we connect “As One” to deliver excellence for our customers, no matter where in the world we are. It might sound like a cliché, but as I know from working with colleagues across our network, it really is true – we work as one family. 

I’m a passionate person by nature, but this program has ignited my passion even more. I love singing, so at the end of the course I performed a version of the hip-hop song “Ghetto Superstar” for my course mates to uplift them and encourage them to remember that we’re all one big team of superstars who make things happen at DHL.

The other day a customer asked me about my name, and as she loves music by my namesake, Sade, I sang her a line from “Cherish the Day.” It made my customer happy, and I was delighted to have achieved that.

I also just got a South African passport. One day soon I hope to travel – it would be great to meet other DHL-ers on my journey, show them my CIS passport, see theirs and get to know them as members of our global family.

Published: September 2019


Certified is a group-wide initiative focusing on employee engagement and cultural change. With Certified, DPDHL Group aims to certify each and every employee – to benefit its own people and its customers


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Images: Zanele Malaza/DHL