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An interconnected world is a better world. With the Connected World program, DHL provides a contextual framework of the various initiatives that support, enhance and facilitate globalization through its international network and global reach of companies, organizations and enterprise.

For decades, increased trade and international interaction have raised prosperity, reduced poverty, cultivated diversity and enriched lives. Deutsche Post DHL Group’s leading position in the global logistics industry affords a unique perspective on globalization’s impact on businesses, individuals and society at large. Besides the insights it gains through its operations in 220 countries and territories, the company also uses the findings from initiatives such as its Global Connectedness Index and Global Trade Barometer to shape its strategy, support its customers and drive the ongoing debate about the social and economic benefits of globalization.


The number of people who have escaped poverty in the last 30 years

Launched this year, the program brings together four DHL initiatives, all designed to support the companies, organizations and individuals that make globalization an unparalleled force for good.

  • The DHL Global Connectedness Index (GCI) is a thorough analysis of the state of globalization at a worldwide, regional and individual level for more than 150 countries (see page 20 of the brochure).
  • The DHL Global Trade Barometer (GTB) is an aggregated index drawing on several industry sectors representing 75% of global containerized trade.
  • The GoTrade program provides support and practical advice to small and medium companies and other stakeholders in developing countries, helping them to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the international standardization of trade policies and procedures (see pages 22-23 of the brochure).
  • DHL’s support for Export Excellence awards in many countries around the world is designed to recognize the role of individuals, businesses and leaders who are using their talents and strengths to improve people’s lives in local communities and society as a whole. — Jonathan Ward

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Published: December 2020

Image: DHL