And if it is, what will this mean for logistics? It certainly has the potential to transform business as we currently know it, but understanding how is not so easy. Our new report takes you through the technology, provides use case examples and explains the wide range of benefits (and challenges) that this groundbreaking development can bring to your world.

Blockchain in Logistics

What if we could remove the need for intermediaries in the world of logistics? What if transactions could be verified, recorded and coordinated autonomously without third parties? If this could be done, it would eliminate an entire layer of complexity from our global supply chains. Sign up and be the first to receive this report.

Topics Covered in the Report

  • Understanding blockchain
  • Blockchain examples across industries
  • Blockchain in logistics

This report from DHL and Accenture explores how blockchain can unlock trapped value in logistics – from understanding what blockchain is, to providing a selection of promising and disruptive examples of applications across various industries, and finally, possible use cases for the logistics industry.

Disrupting the Business of Trust: the Emergence of Blockchain Technology

For centuries, businesses and in some cases entire industries have been built on the simple principle of trust between multiple parties. 

However, this business of trust is about to be disrupted and transformed with the advent of blockchain technology.

Unlocking Value in Logistics

Achieving excellence in logistics involves working collaboratively with others to optimize the flow of physical goods as well as the complex flow of information and financial transactions.

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  • Global trade logistics
  • Supply chain transparency and traceability
  • Commercial processes in logistics

Did You Know?

Improving visibility in logistics by using blockchain technology could greatly improve the security and safety of products in the market and support global economic growth.

15% increase in global trade

5% increase in global GDP

$2.3 trillion annual value of counterfeited products by 2022

2 thousand companies to develop blockchain standards for the freight industry

23 energy suppliers joined the Enerchain consortium for trading

1 million people die yearly from counterfeit drugs