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Taking the Complexity out of Customs

DHL Customs Services

Customs Brokerage

Our broad range of customs brokerage services ensure a smooth and on time border crossing of shipments, without administrative burden, delays or penalties.

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We take the complexity out of customs.

  • Present in over 200 countries worldwide
  • Processing more than 7mn customs entries per year
  • Dedicated team of customs experts
  • Global, regional and country teams to ensure operational consistency and compliant trade activities
  • Operated in accordance with governance structure, code of conduct and compliance standards
  • Strong relationships with government customs and security authorities
  • Superior level of service delivery globally, utilizing the latest customs clearance technologies
  • A broad portfolio of customs services including:
    - Import and Export Declaration Filing
    - Security Filing
    - Duties & Taxes Advancement
    - Other Government Agency Services
    - In-Transit Movement
    - Permits and Licensing Application Services

DHL Customs Consulting

Consult on, Risk Assess & Enhance Your Customs Activities

Our customs consultants can review your supply chain to help enhance customs activities, optimize duties, identify potential risk areas and optimize internal controls and procedures to maximize internal compliance.

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  • Global network of experienced customs consultants
  • Established methodologies and project management skills to ensure that projects are on time, on scope and on budget
  • Solutions delivered to achieve three core benefits: customs compliance, cost efficiency & time savings
  • Proven solutions based on DHL’s experience of processing more than 7 million customs entries per year
  • A broad portfolio of consulting services including:
    - Customs management
    - Regulatory interpretation and consultation
    - Compliance assessment and audits
    - Customs training and education
    - Duty and tax programs
    - On-site resources (secondment)

Why Choose Us?

Thanks to our local expertise and global scale, we take the complexity out of customs by offering a one-stop solution to all your needs.

  • Our dedicated team of over 4,100 customs experts and Global Governance Structure guarantees global standards with codes of behaviour across the network
  • We have country, regional and global customs teams to ensure high-quality, uniform and consistent service
  • Our broad range of customs brokerage services, utilizing the latest customs clearance technologies and EDI capabilities, ensure consistent and compliant trade activities
  • We have a wide range of training and education solutions so that you can get to grips with your customs requirements and regulations

Download our DHL Customs Services BrochureDownload our DHL Customs Brochure

We're Here to Listen to Your Customs Troubles...

Get in contact with one of our DHL Experts to discuss your requirements

  • Customers who export and import occupy a prominent position in international trade. Therefore, customs clearance is a fundamental link in this business chain. For many customers, customs services can represent a labyrinth that is very difficult to understand. Thankfully, this isn’t the case for DHL, which has a dedicated team specialized in export and import customs clearance. Do you need specialized services with regards to customs? Talk to DHL and we will make sure to work something out.

    Whatever the size of your company, whatever the volume of what you import or export, whatever the destination or origin of your cargo, DHL is always there to work for you. Get rid of any hassle and let DHL solve your export and import clearance with precision, quality, and in compliance with the customs regulations of each location.

    With DHL, you'll have a unified point of contact to resolve the numerous customs services your business requires. You’ll get speed and flexibility by having only one specialized contact person to handle all the customs clearances you need.

    We are present in over 200 countries around the world. We process over 7 million customs clearances annually. Our teams are present at a local, regional, and global level and are well aware of the language, rules, and details of each site your cargo passes through. Therefore, our teams ensure operational consistency, flexibility, and compliance with the customs regulations of each location. In addition, we have solid relationships with the customs and security authorities of each country where we operate.

    To meet the needs of the customer, we have a wide portfolio of customs services. They include:

    • Import and export declaration filing
    • Security filing
    • Duties and taxes advancement
    • Government agency services
    • In-transit movement
    • License application services and permits
    • Everything else that concerns the customs services

    DHL does all this and always uses the most modern technology and systems. Get a quote from our experts and learn more about how to speed up customs clearance services for your business.

  • Our consultants will help you to deal with all the necessary tasks of customs clearance in the easiest and best way possible. We optimize everything related to customs duties, identify possible areas of risk, and maximize compliance with the regulations of each location. We offer a complete and global solution to all your import and export customs clearance needs. In the end, our goal is to let you focus on your business and let DHL take care of the rest. That way, your time and energy is spent on things that are important for growing your company.

    DHL's expert consultants can help you out and provide you with less customs complexity by offering a complete customs service solution:

    • We have a team of over 4,100 strategically located experts to bring you peace of mind and accuracy in customs clearance services.
    • Our local, regional, and global customs teams ensure a consistent, uniform, and high-quality customs service.
    • We always use state-of-the-art technology to handle your customs clearance needs, be it import or export.
    • Our work strategies and management skills ensure that your projects are carried out on time, on schedule, and within your budget.
    • Our solutions have three major objectives: compliance with customs regulations, cost efficiency, and time savings.
    • We also offer a wide range of training services so that you can better understand everything related to customs, your requirements, and general regulations.
  • Compliance with customs regulations is of fundamental importance, because without it import and export customs clearance is made much more difficult for you. At DHL, we promote a culture of regulatory compliance for everything that involves customs clearance. For this, besides continuously investing in the most modern technology, we also bring the greatest talents in the industry. Thus, we provide the best in training that is continuously updated and evolving in relation to changes in customs regulations.

  • We gather the necessary expertise in each sector of business to better understand what you do and thus be able to help your company in the best way. That's why DHL is organized in several areas such as manufacturing, technology, consumer goods, aerospace, life sciences, health care and others, each one focused on better understanding customer needs. We therefore offer a personalized service tailored to your requirements in order to provide you with the best and most accurate support on the market when it comes to customs services. We also open a constant dialog with you and your company, so that you don't have to worry about import and export customs clearance and can concentrate on your business.