Post-coronavirus supply chain recovery: exclusive white paper

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Almost every industry in every country has been affected by the covid-19 pandemic – in this exclusive white paper, we look at supply chain recovery going forward.


“In the new normal, if your supply chain is the same as the one that you had pre‑coronavirus, you’re probably doing something wrong.” - Richard Wilding – Professor of Supply Chain Strategy, Cranfield School of Management

The worldwide devastation caused by the pandemic has been unprecedented – and it’s not over yet. The significant impact on global supply chains was immediate - accelerating changes that had already begun, whilst unveiling new trends and priorities. Increased demand for food and other essentials put immense pressure on e-commerce businesses, yet global border closures and airline restrictions hindered their supply chains just as they were needed the most. Businesses that had considered their supply chains to be resilient suddenly found out that they weren’t.

As the world moves tentatively out of lockdown, much has been made of the ‘new normal’ and what it may look like. There are clues and faint outlines of post-COVID markets, but the truth is, no-one knows. What is certain is that the transition from a pre- to post-COVID world will not be simple. Businesses won’t immediately evolve into new ways of operating; instead, an interim period – the ‘pre-new normal’ – will bridge the gap, a phase where supply chain resilience and innovation will be essential.  

In this exclusive whitepaper, we look at supply chain recovery going forward, including:

- What characteristics of the ‘new normal’ is relevant to supply chains?
- What does the transition via the ‘pre-new normal’ phase look like?
- What are the post-coronavirus impacts on supply chains and how can supply chain management contribute to future business success?
- What are the long-term lasting lessons to consider as a supply chain decision-maker?
- What actions should be taken in order to build the resilient supply chain of the future?

There is no single solution to the challenges that lie ahead but by preparing your business for them, you can adapt, optimize, and ultimately grow. DHL Express provides innovative supply chain solutions that will guide your business on this journey, and ensure it emerges from the pandemic not just surviving, but thriving. 

Download the full report below.

Post-coronavirus supply chain recovery: The journey towards the new normal

Learn how to adapt your supply chain for a post-Coronavirus future.

Post-coronavirus supply chain recovery: The journey towards the new normal
Post-coronavirus supply chain recovery: The journey towards the new normal