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Consumer Healthcare

Creating consumer-centric healthcare supply chains

Access to health products is a basic requirement to live a healthy and independent lifestyle. Many factors contribute to an increased emphasis on consumer healthcare products: end-users are becoming increasingly involved in their own wellbeing and health choices; an aging population is demanding a wider variety of healthcare options, and developing markets are driving growth across new geographies.

Furthermore, consumer choice grows with product innovation, new channels to market, and prescription to non-prescription (Rx-to-OTC) switches.

With these trends set to the background of an unpredictable and challenging environment, we understand the importance of maximizing on-shelf and online product availability while optimizing the cost and operational efficiency of the end-to-end supply chain.

At DHL, we are helping our customers respond to these priorities in consumer healthcare:

Wellbeing, Self-Care and Inclusive Health

Growing Online Sales

Shifting Demographics

Growth in New Geographies

Digital Healthcare and Devices

Rx-to-OTC Switches

Our Capabilities in Consumer Healthcare Logistics

DHL’s global warehousing and distribution network underpins a range of services that ensure customer operations are efficient, reliable, and cost-effective. Via standardized processes, digitalization, and automation we deliver reliable, consistent solutions across the entire supply chain – from efficient sourcing of materials that keeps production lines running optimally to last-mile delivery that leaves consumers with a consistently high-quality brand experience.

Global Warehousing and Transportation Network

With more than 2,300 warehousing and distribution facilities located around the world, DHL can leverage a truly global network. Multi-user and dedicated operations can be scaled to meet customer requirements, while our globally deployed Operational Management System ensures standardized, consistent operational delivery to drive efficiency and safeguard quality.

Supply Chain Automation and Digitalization

The rise in e-commerce requirements (faster delivery, more stock-keeping units [SKUs] and increased order picking), combined with labor shortages, means fast adoption of technology is essential. DHL’s accelerated digitalization program nurtures and deploys innovative technology solutions at scale. Working with leading robotics organizations such as Boston Dynamics, we have deployed automated goods-to-person, assisted picking, and container unloading technologies in our business, already supporting fulfillment of millions of products.

E-commerce and B2C Final Mile Fulfillment

DHL's own global network of e-fulfillment centers enables us to keep standards high and costs low. We integrate with all major web shops, ERPs carriers, and your own systems for end-to-end visibility and best consumer experience. Cost-effective delivery helps to minimize abandoned baskets, while our flexibility to scale logistics services will help you manage seasonal fluctuations and demand spikes. Consumers' orders are sent to a DHL fulfillment center where they are quickly picked and packed. Our network of final-mile carriers is integrated into one platform so you can easily select the appropriate service level, and we'll have the right carrier available, with order status tracking across all countries and carriers.

Strategic Network Modelling and Optimized Supply Chain Design

The consumer healthcare market is experiencing a highly dynamic period, driving new strategies, products, and channels to market. Strategic Network Design projects align the sourcing, production, and distribution logistics network to the overall company strategy. DHL has delivered hundreds of supply chain optimization projects across all sectors, including divestment, post-merger integration, and new market entry scenarios. We can support in many ways, from a 'health check and benchmarking' solution that ensures you are on track and performing well against industry standards, right through to a full network redesign.

Inbound to Manufacturing and In-Plant Logistics

From individual supplier materials to presentation at the manufacturing production line, DHL's Inbound to Manufacturing solution supports optimized manufacturing operations. Dedicated teams continually plan and manage inbound flows to accommodate variation in the manufacturing schedule. A global network of control towers, cross-dock facilities, and transportation operations provides end-to-end visibility, improving lead times, decision making, and cost control.

Transportation, Container and Load Optimization

We use our Supply Chain Analytics platform to plan transportation modes (air, ocean, road, and rail) and inventory levels, identifying solutions that meet customer service level requirements and cost objectives. Our dedicated, shared, and fully subcontracted transport solutions optimize in-region distribution operations, maximizing load fill and reducing empty back haul.