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Delivering transformative healthcare logistics

Pharma companies operate in an increasingly challenging environment with growing regulatory complexity, global cost challenges, and the urgent need for increased resilience in response to unforeseen events and disruptions. The healthcare sector now demands more expertise and greater capabilities from its logistics providers. DHL understands that lifesaving deliveries are critical to patients, and the healthcare sector needs new supply chain capabilities and archetypes to reach patients across an evolving range of modalities.

At DHL, we focus on forward planning and work closely with our customers and stakeholders to build reliable and resilient pharmaceutical supply chains that meet all aspects of regulatory compliance, from GXP regulations to the end-to-end control of boxes through serialization. A core objective for the Life Sciences and Healthcare team is to enable supporting the increase in biopharma products and advanced therapies. Customers can be completely confident that our global pharmaceutical cold-chain network, with its sophisticated checks and controls, will always stay cool under pressure.

At DHL, we focus on trends such as:

Patient-Centric Healthcare

Advanced Bio Therapies

Digital Healthcare

Sustainable Solutions

New Eco Systems

Supply Chain Resilience

Pharmaceuticals Logistics Solutions

Supplying the most reliable and compliant cold-chain logistics solutions for your pharmaceutical shipments.

Temperature-Controlled Transportation

DHL provides temperature-controlled GxP-compliant transportation and proactive intervention in the event of an excursion. We provide the highest levels of cold-chain reliability, ensuring shipments maintain the correct temperature consistently throughout transit. Our services include ocean, air, and rail solutions, incorporating the DHL LifeTrack® cold-chain tracking app and supply chain risk analytics. Our experienced DHL Medical Express specialists provide a safe flow of time and temperature-sensitive shipments from vaccines to medical supplies.

White Glove Services

Fully customisable white glove solutions for temperature-sensitive goods in the pre-launch, launch, and distribution stages are provided by DHL. We focus on enhanced care, precise temperature control, cold-chain optimization, and real-time monitoring, supported by specialized equipment and transportation. This service can incorporate LifeConEx, our premium management air freight service that delivers the highest quality and regulation-compliant solutions designed specifically for your most important pharmaceutical shipments. 

End-to-End Visibility and Condition Monitoring

Supply chain visibility is increasingly important throughout the end-to-end supply chain, from ingredients production to patient use. We use latest-generation active and passive monitoring solutions designed for straightforward integration into visibility platforms that customers can access for real-time updates. Innovation alliances give us access to the latest technology. We incorporate condition-monitoring alert systems, temperature-checking sensors, and data loggers to safeguard shipments. 

Air and Ocean Freight Centers Excellence

The DHL Center of Operational Excellence is jointly developed with each customer as a tailored solution to globally manage pharmaceutical ocean and air freight shipments. Coordination and control of inbound-to-manufacturing and outbound-to-market flows are underpinned by globally standardized and centrally managed processes, with flexibility to cater for exceptions handling. Visibility is provided through full track-and-trace capability, enabling proactive end-to-end control and continuous improvement. Operations are managed by certified Life Sciences and Healthcare professionals who control activity with adherence to industry standards and full regulatory compliance.

Warehousing and Value-Added Services

Optimized warehousing and distribution to GxP standards are provided. We offer multi-user regional and national distribution centers to support all categories of pharmaceutical products, including controlled product storage, value-added activities, and distribution services. This provision assists with order processing, inventory management, postponements, hospital and retail logistics, and additional value-adding functions such as temperature mapping, validations, and equipment calibrations. 

Control Towers and Supply Chain Orchestration

DHL specializes in the management and digitalization of complex pharmaceutical supply chains and supports customers with the management tools needed to drive visibility, efficiency, and control. As your Lead Logistics Partner, we can provide a rapid response to any disruptions and enable seamless operations across geographically dispersed facilities and processes. Our expertise in design, operations, management, and supply chain improvement can simplify your supplier base, decrease costs, and improve efficiency. 

Proactive Regulatory Compliance

As life sciences and healthcare organizations face constantly evolving regulatory controls and obligations, DHL delivers a fully proactive and embedded culture of commitment to compliance. Our operational activities are fully compliant with all regulatory requirements, including GXP adherence, serialization, dangerous goods, and system validation. DHL also operates through a mature quality management system deeply embedded into our organizational culture. This forms the basis of quality processes such as audits, CAPA, and training management.

Sustainable Pharma Supply Chains

We collaborate with customers and the pharmaceutical industry to create socially responsible and economically sustainable supply chains for the pharmaceutical industry. From reducing and eliminating waste to investing heavily in sustainable fuel options, we strive to create a greener world. The use of reusable packaging, suitable for pharma products, is a key component of DHL’s sustainability drive. Systems that use advanced cold-chain temperature management reduce the need for complete refrigeration and minimize energy use.  Supply chain optimization and efficient route planning decrease the use of carbon-emitting transport.

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