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Saloodo! lights the way for sygns logistics

Small and medium-sized companies rarely have enough freight volume to partner with a logistics provider. And providers often struggle to utilize truck capacity efficiently. Saloodo! is the digital solution that solves both problems.

Berlin start-up pushes boundaries - a Saloodo! success story

Anthony Genillard, co-founder of Berlin start-up sygns, has experienced the power of Saloodo! firsthand. His small yet growing neon design and production company doesn't ship high volumes of freight, but they do send and receive shipments every day. Rather than pushing paper all day, Anthony wants his versatile team of craftsmen, artists and architects to continue to push the boundaries of digital product design. 

"Start-up companies like us have better things to do than looking for hours for the right transport provider," he says. "A platform like Saloodo! saves you a huge amount of time."

Sygns aims to make people's lives easier, enabling customers to conveniently collaborate with project teams or create their own signs right on the website. Although everything goes in and out of their warehouse in Berlin, the time and energy spent managing multiple service providers and trying to control costs was a huge distraction. 

"We started shipping with Saloodo! in 2017," says Anthony. "It's super easy. I put my request in and get quotes from numerous providers. I then choose the one I want and can track the whole shipping process online. The great thing is that the entire process takes place in one application."

Now that Saloodo! is lighting the way, Anthony and his team can focus their full creative energies on meeting the increasing demand for neon signs and bringing this once highly popular lighting style back to its former glory.

A digital platform creates a smart marketplace

For small and medium-sized companies, the freight forwarding market has not always been an easy one to navigate. With hundreds and even thousands of carriers to choose from, the marketplace can be confusing and even overwhelming. Smaller enterprises simply do not have the personnel needed to thoroughly assess the market, request quotes and compare prices and quality. To make matters worse, the market is not a very digital place, lagging far behind other sectors when it comes to digital transformation. Many shippers and carriers still communicate by phone. Paperwork may be sent electronically, but completing it remains cumbersome and time-consuming. Tracking progress is often limited to email pick-up and delivery notifications.

On top of all that, the industry is not maximizing efficiency. For example, it's estimated that one in three trucks on the road in Germany has little or no freight on board. This underutilization - combined with low transparency, costly manual processes, and outdated customer interfaces - adds up to create multiple pain points for both companies and logistics providers.

Enter Saloodo! Powered by DHL, this smart online freight platform brings shippers and carriers together to make every step in the shipping process digital, convenient, and efficient. Shippers find the right carrier fast - and carriers make the best use of their available capacities.


How Saloodo! works

Saloodo! is tailormade for companies looking for a fast, easy and reliable way to find suitable carriers that includes management and tracking of shipments. It is also perfect for freight forwarders aiming to reach new customers and optimize truck load capacity. The digital freight platform provides a neutral marketplace where companies can manage all their shipping needs and providers can find cargo to fill their vehicles and avoid empty runs.

Saloodo! users enjoy a completely digital experience. Shippers can quickly compare the services and prices of forwarding companies, submit transport requests and get multiple offers instantly. Once an order is placed, they receive real-time status updates - and all transport-related documents are stored centrally and available at all times. Carriers have instant access to all transport requests and can customize their account to automatically receive requests that best fit their business capabilities. The platform makes each step in the process quick and easy, with annoying paperwork becoming a thing of the past. Both shippers and carriers can concentrate on what they do best: their business.

How Saloodo! leverages technology

Launching a digital freight marketplace was an innovation in and of itself, but the platform has continued to evolve and incorporate new technologies. For example, the price forecasting tool uses a novel algorithm to predict fluctuating market prices. Machine learning allows the system to predict seasonal price variations and identify unused capacity on certain routes. This gives shippers meaningful price indicators based on real-time data. 

The dynamic transport pricing calculator helps forwarding companies make competitive offers. Based on actual competitor prices and special algorithms, the system compares their offer to others and rates how competitive it is - all before submitting their bid.

The intelligent Saloodo! Driver app enables state-of-the-art track and trace and boosts the pallet exchange system. Drivers can be routed directly via smartphone, where they can also document each and every step in the delivery process - from pick-up and deliver to damage reports and delay notifications. They can also precisely document the movement of pallets, providing full transparency to everyone involved in the pallet exchange system.

12,000 Carriers

30,000 Shippers

+35 Countries

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Freight fast forward - the story behind Saloodo!

Launched in early 2017 after a successful pilot phase, DHL's digital freight platform is yet another way the world's leading logistics company is leveraging digitalization. By June of 2017, more than 5,300 carriers in 17 countries had signed up to offer their services in the new online marketplace. Today some 12,000 carriers and 30,000 shippers in  35 countries use Saloodo! The service is available in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and will soon launch in Latin America.

From the very beginning, Saloodo! dedicated itself to identifying customer needs by working side by side and observing how they interacted with the platform. Customer feedback during the pilot phase was essential to the successful launch. A proactive system remains in place to continuously collect customer feedback, monitor their experience, evaluate their behavior, and make changes accordingly. 

Some 50 Saloodo! experts from 23 nations are constantly driving innovation together with their customers. New features are introduced based on need - and if tools are not being utilized as anticipated, steps are taken to modify and improve them. All in all, the story behind Saloodo! has been one of exciting innovation and digitalization. The next chapter is sure to deliver more of the same.

Published: October 2020

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