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The power of partnering with innovative logistics companies

Learn how strategic partnerships with innovative logistics companies help us develop state-of-the-art services and solutions that are reshaping the future of logistics and supply chain management.

Innovative logistics requires innovative collaborations

Standing still is not an option in the fast-paced, ever-evolving logistics sector. We wouldn’t be the world’s leading logistics company if we weren’t constantly monitoring trends and even proactively creating a space for innovators to work with us.

Collaborating with innovative logistics companies is critical to driving the future of our industry and redefining what’s possible in logistics by repeatedly introducing groundbreaking services and solutions that tackle complex challenges.

Below we showcase just a few of our unique partnerships that are vital in navigating the complex logistics landscape, delivering unparalleled precision, analytics, and expertise to meet today's dynamic market demands.

what3words: Redefining precision in last-mile delivery

What3Word App

what3words has revolutionized location accuracy for deliveries with its innovative global addressing system, assigning a unique three-word combination to every 3x3 meter square on Earth. The system provides a precise, easy-to-use, and universal method for describing locations.

what3Words adds significant value to the logistics industry by solving a common problem: the lack of precise, reliable, and easy-to-communicate addresses. In areas without standardized addressing systems or where addresses are complex and confusing, this innovative logistics solution can significantly enhance the efficiency of last-mile delivery operations, ensuring that goods and services reach their exact destination.

If you live in a country where postal addresses are standard, you may wonder how useful this technology really is. But our teams have found it very helpful in both rural and urban areas.

By working with what3words, we can add pinpoint precision to postal addresses and streamline the delivery process in areas lacking developed address systems. DHL customers in the UK can add their what3words address to their delivery preferences in the DHL Parcel App. Online shops can also capture a what3words address from customers and pass it to DHL eCommerce UK alongside other address information by adding a what3words field to checkout. In addition to the UK, we’re currently rolling out the technology in other countries, such as with BlueDart DHL in India. 

WATCH: The what3word drop-off

Everstream Analytics: Optimizing supply chain risk management

In an era of increasing supply chain disruptions, our partners at Everstream Analytics offer advanced, data-driven solutions to help us predict, mitigate, and manage risk in our customers’ supply chains. The company combines human expertise with artificial intelligence and machine learning to monitor potential disruptions, from geopolitical shifts to natural disasters, and provide risk scores and predictive insights.

Everstream provides the logistics industry with much-needed technology and insights, allowing logistics providers like us to focus on operations and meet our customers’ needs.

That’s right. The logistics industry needs more innovation. Innovative companies like Everstream help leverage new technologies to optimize our supply chains.

By partnering with Everstream, we benefit from their global reach and solutions, which enhance our supply chain visibility and resilience. For example, their transportation planning and execution solutions help us anticipate disruptions and keep supply chains running smoothly. Their procurement solutions allow us to map out multi-tier supplier networks to build predictable and sustainable supply chains.

Everstream’s innovative logistics solutions allow us to proactively manage supply chain risk, anticipate disruptions, boost operational efficiency, and ensure business continuity even in the face of unforeseen challenges – all of which strengthen our commitment to delivering timely, reliable, and innovative logistics services to our customers.  

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Hillebrand Gori: Specializing in innovative logistics services for a niche market

Wine neon sign

The logistics industry is vast, encompassing a wide array of sectors, each with unique challenges that require specialized handling and transport solutions.

Our journey to becoming the global logistics leader has also included joining forces with innovative logistics companies that excel in particular niches. Hillebrand Gori is one such company – a logistics specialist renowned for its expertise in beer, wine, and spirits logistics. DHL Group acquired the Hillebrand Group in 2022 and integrated it into our Global Forwarding, Freight division.

Hillebrand Gori brings specialized logistics solutions to DHL’s portfolio, particularly in the wine, beer, and spirits industry. This partnership underscores DHL’s capability to manage and transport sensitive and luxury goods with the utmost care and precision. Hillebrand Gori’s expertise in handling these delicate products enhances DHL’s service offerings, enabling bespoke logistics solutions that cater to the unique needs of the beverage sector and prioritize the preservation of product quality from origin to destination.

One of Hillebrand Gori’s innovative logistics services is international wine transport – a niche in the logistics industry that is part of a growth trend. With rising transportation volumes, the company is finding novel ways to transport one of the world’s oldest beverages using innovations like the Flexitank

WATCH: Combining specialist liquid logistics with global supply chain solutions

Collaboration is key to delivering innovative logistics services

Embracing innovation through strategic partnerships has helped solidify our position as a global logistics leader and allows us to set industry benchmarks. By working with innovative logistics companies like What3Words, Everstream Analytics, and Hillebrand Gori, we push the boundaries of what is possible in logistics and supply chain management – and we’re better able to offer cutting-edge solutions that address specific challenges and sectors.

This is just another way we underscore our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction – to our customer promise: Excellence. Simply delivered. 

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Published: April 2024

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