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Plugging into an electric vehicle future

The electric vehicle revolution is underway. To help prepare for the changes in auto-mobility logistics, we’re looking at all the latest news on electric vehicle technology – investigating innovations, busting myths, and exploring the logistics challenges in the all-new DHL EV TV Series. 

News flash: the popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) has shifted into high gear. While car sales slumped in 2020, EVs were writing a success story: global sales of plug-in cars rose 34% to 3.24 million. In Europe, new EV registrations were up 137%.

There are many reasons for this accelerated growth in the electric vehicle market, ranging from government policies and incentives to more models and intense marketing. One key factor is that many simply consider EVs a superior technology – one that is getting better and more economical. Battery technology advances at an amazing pace as governments talk about a green recovery and people become more environmentally conscious. All the hallmarks of an industry upheaval are in place. The question is: can we keep up? Do we understand the trends, solutions, and logistics surrounding the rapidly growing and changing EV market? Where can we get the latest updates on electric vehicles?

The latest on electric vehicles: DHL EV TV

We launched DHL EV TV to answer these questions – to respond to the rapid growth in the electric vehicle market and the increasing demand for information about EVs. DHL EV TV is a video series made for anyone working in vehicle or battery manufacturing, vehicle sales, or any business involved in the future of EVs. It explores and uncovers what is evolving in the world of electric vehicles from 2020 to 2050. 

Across a whole season - and supported by webinars and podcasts – we invite experts from around the world to share their enthusiasm and knowledge of EV technology with us. We investigate all aspects of EV technology, looking into range, batteries, benefits, and environmental impact. We travel the entire battery value chain – from storage to safety – and bust myths about electricity production and carbon emissions. By sharing insights and research, not least based on our experience developing the StreetScooter and our partnership with Formula E, we’re helping the industry prepare for the quantum change in production and transportation that new technology will bring.

In Episode 1, we look at electric cars, the pros & cons, and how they impact our environment. We talk about the growth in the electric vehicle market, and we answer questions like: Are electric vehicles really greener? Will I ever be able to drive 600 miles on a single charge? Will the electricity power grid be able to cope with the enormous demand? And what is the environmental impact of batteries? Watch Episode 1: Our Environment now.

In Episodes 2 & 3, coming soon, we explore EV batteries – first looking at EV battery lifespans and lifecycles and then EV battery technology. Finding the power to drive electric vehicles is a crucial challenge, and the technology is changing rapidly. We explore the incredible developments happening now and look into the future.

Exploring the Electric Vehicles Future

This series of electric vehicle videos will look at all aspects of EV technology, myths, and logistics, so join us on our journey as we discover how the future is electric

DHL Team EV – Powering up electric vehicle logistics

With battery technology at the heart of the EV revolution, battery logistics and, in fact, the entire EV supply chain becomes critical to the development and adoption of electric vehicles. The rapid pace of innovation has led to faster adoption than first thought. Deloitte now estimates that the EV market will reach a tipping point in 2022 when the cost of owning an electric vehicle will equal its gas-guzzling counterparts. This means the logistics industry has less time to develop a robust EV supply chain with built-in resilience. Logistics providers like us need to supercharge our efforts to make sure we can meet all industry needs. Reliable supply chains will ensure that economies will not have to cope disruptions purely because replacement batteries are unavailable.

The auto-mobility industry needs specialized EV supply chain logistics to adapt and meet demand. That’s where the DHL Team EV comes in. The EV business is a highly complex one, and the industry needs a logistics partner with a proven track record, top-tier expertise, and end-to-end solutions. Our team understands the battery lifecycle – from raw materials to recycling and safe disposal. If you want to get your supply chain in shape for the EV revolution, then you’ll want to make sure the experts handle your logistics.


Of all new vehicle sales will be EVs by 2030


EVs will reach a 55% market share of new car sales


Of all DHL’s last-mile vehicles electric by 2030

Want it Delivered?

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Our roadmap to sustainability focuses on meeting three key commitments: Clean operations for climate protection. Great company to work for all. Highly trusted company.

Electrifying our logistics

At DHL, we are all about connecting people and improving lives. That’s why it’s so important to make every dimension of our business sustainable. We’ve even developed a Sustainability Roadmap to build on our past achievements and plot a course for future success.

One of the key areas of that roadmap is running clean operations to protect the climate, including increased use of e-vehicles. We’ve committed to investing €7 billion to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 with the ultimate goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. Part of this investment will go toward electrifying 60% of our last-mile delivery fleet. By 2030, we’ll have more than 80,000 electric vehicles on the road worldwide.

We were an early adopter of electric technology, and we continue to drive innovation today. As the world’s first logistics company to manufacture an electric delivery vehicle, we are now running the world's first pilot test of a heavy-duty electric truck over long distances together with our partner Volvo. In many urban areas, we are literally riding to net-zero emissions with e-bike couriers handling last-mile delivery.

Preparing for the revolution

The electric vehicle revolution is upon us, and we must prepare for what’s around the next corner. We not only have to simplify EV logistics processes, but we also have to ensure they are reliable, robust, and resilient. That’s why we’ve pooled our capabilities into one Team EV and launched EV TV as a platform to expand our knowledge and provide viewers with the latest news on electric vehicles. 

However, optimized, compliant, and sustainable supply chains are only part of a bigger picture. The auto-mobility industry needs a more integrated approach that starts with production and ends with reclamation and recycling programs. To plug into an electric vehicle future and load up on the benefits it brings sooner rather than later, we all need to work together. We hope you’ll join us.

Published: November 2021

Get Involved in EV TV

Team EV is always looking for experts and contributors to help tell the EV story. If you would like to find out more or get involved, please get in touch. 

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