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Exploring the Electric Vehicles Future

EV TV is here to explore the EV future and discover what is evolving in the world of electric vehicles 2020 to 2050. This series of electric vehicle videos will look at all aspects of EV technology, myths, and logistics. We will investigate electric vehicle range, batteries, benefits and how this will all impact the environment.  We will be releasing new videos and podcasts monthly, so join us on our journey as we discover how the future is electric

Episode 1

Our Environment: The Impact of Electric & Hybrid Vehicles

Welcome to the first program in our brand-new DHL EV TV series. In this program, we look at electric cars, pros & cons and how they impact our environment. We will answer questions such as: are electric cars really greener, will I ever be able to drive 600 miles on a single charge and what is the environmental impact of electric car batteries? We explore innovations in electric car technology and bust some myths about electricity production and carbon emissions. It’s estimated that by 2050 some 55% of all vehicles on the road will be electric including those used in the logistics industry.  Not only will this improve energy use, reduce emissions and offer an exciting new driving experience, it should also be incredibly beneficial for the environment and the world we all share. We hope you enjoy this premier of EV TV.

EV TV – All Episodes

Episode 1: Our Environment

In the first episode of EV TV, we look at electric cars, pros & cons and how they impact our environment. We explore innovations in electric car technology and bust some myths about electricity production and carbon emissions.

Episode 2: EV Battery Life Span & Lifecycles

How long do batteries last in electric cars? What is an electric car battery lifespan? These are highly charged questions that has been stimulating much debate and causing confusion amongst consumers. 

Episode 3: EV Battery Technology

Electric vehicle technology is changing fast.  We explore the incredible developments happening now and predict the future of EVs.

Episode 4: The EV Value Chain

Welcome to Episode four of EV TV – Electric Vehicle Television.  This programme looks at all aspects of transportation, electrification, and sustainable logistics to help you prepare for the demands of the future.

Episode 5: The EV Value Chain

This episode looks at how the transportation landscape has changed over the decades and what we can expect from electric vehicles charging in the future.

Episode 6: New Chapter in EV Logistics

In this episode we visit DHL’s Innovation Center near Cologne in Germany, one of several around the globe, and meet with Katja Busch, DHL CCO & Head of CSI and Fathi Tlatli, President Global Auto-Mobility sector DHL CSI.  Together they explain the foundations and future systems needed for a new chapter of logistics.

Formula E Racing Special

In the following two-part special EV TV travels to Rome, Italy and visits the FIA Formula E World Championships to discover what it takes to logistically stage this emerging and challenging motorsport on the tracks and across the big cities of the world.

EV TV Production

The future importance of electric vehicles is sensational.  We are excited to bring to you the DHL EV TV series. Filming has focused on safety and social distancing to comply with COVID-19 requirements and to ensure the wellbeing of everyone involved.  While this presented us with challenges, we also found that these restrictions were a great way to stimulate creativity and innovation.  For example, even in bad weather we found ways to use solar power to charge our field equipment – particularly our aerial drone platforms and cameras. 

By using the latest technology we were able to safely create virtual studio environments and outdoor action to build engaging and entertaining videos with the high production values that people have come to expect from DHL.  We hope you enjoy these videos as much as we have enjoyed making them.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The future importance of electric vehicles cannot be underestimated. The EV revolution has already started and can have a hugely positive impact on both business and the environment.  It will also be the future of logistics.  Team EV has been researching the importance of electric vehicles and we would like to share what we have discovered.

  • We think that everyone will find these programs interesting and enlightening.  Whether you are a driver thinking of switching to electric or a manufacture of vehicles interested in new battery technology this is the place to gain some valuable insights.

  • Our program schedule has been planned out for the next twelve months and will cover topics ranging from the falling cost of EV technology to government legislation regarding health and safety.  Given that new EV technology inventions and innovations are taking place every day, we may well continue the series in 2022 and beyond.

  • We plan to release a new video every month. The videos will then be available on this website and other social media channels for the foreseeable future.  

  • Our first three programs will look into:  The Impact of Electric & Hybrid Vehicles on Our Environment, The Lifespan and Lifecycle of Electric Vehicles and EV’s and Future Innovations.  In general, we will cover subjects such as range, charging infrastructure, electrification and logistics, battery technology and shipping, future driving practices and much more.  

Get Involved in EV TV

Team EV is always looking for experts and contributors to help tell the EV story. If you would like to find out more or get involved, please get in touch. 

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