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Episode 5: The EV Value Chain

What will electric vehicle charging and the motoring forecourts of tomorrow look like, and will we still enjoy visiting them? Will fast charging really be fast enough and can recharging and infrastructure technology keep up with the pace of EV advances?

This episode looks at how the transportation landscape has changed over the decades and what we can expect from electric vehicle charging in the future.

Welcome to the fifth episode in the popular EV TV series that explains all you need to know about logistics and electric vehicles. If you’ve missed our previous episodes of EV TV, then you can easily catch up right here!

Episode 5: The EV Value Chain

A Changing Transportation Landscape

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Episode 5

The EV Value Chain – A Changing Landscape

So, what came first – electric vehicles or the internal combustion engine? Actually, the very first powered vehicles were driven by electricity. Did you know that in 1899, ninety percent of New York City’s taxi cabs were electric vehicles? And, in the same year, electric cars outsold all other types of car.

Hosted by TV motoring personality and newly converted ‘electric-head’ Brendan Coogan, this episode looks at how the transportation landscape has changed over the decades and what we can expect from the future. We discover why the first electric vehicles were soon superseded by fossil fuel-based engines and what has changed now to turn the tables. We explore how the value chain players are adapting their operations and business models to meet an exponentially growing demand for vehicles and charging stations. This is the new transportation landscape. We interview Alexander Junge, Electrification Director for Aral in Germany, part of the BP Group, and discuss electric vehicle charging facilities and the experience being created to support them. In Milan, Italy, we talk with Gabriele Catacchio, Global e-Mobility Communication Manager at Stellantis, whose brands include Fiat, Chrysler, Citroen, Opel, Peugeot and Maserati. In this section, Gabriele shares the Stellantis vison of an electrified future.

Change in the motoring sector and transportation landscape is happening faster than expected, but with EV TV you can find out what’s happening and stay tuned in to the EV revolution.

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