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EV TV was born out of a simple yet powerful idea—to bring the voice of logistics to the forefront of the electric vehicle (EV) revolution. We recognized the need to have meaningful discussions about this rapidly growing industry segment, and we embarked on a mission to make that happen.

EV TV The Best Bits From The Current Series

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EV TV Episode 9

Last year, we had the privilege of connecting with an exceptional group of EV innovators and specialists, covering a wide range of fascinating topics. Today, we’re excited to share with you the best moments from our previous episodes. These episodes were dedicated to exploring battery technology, sustainability and infrastructure, the ever-expanding EV product portfolio, and an exclusive look into DHL's groundbreaking EV fleet.

Episode 8: Formula E Racing Special Part 2

In part two of the EV TV Formula E special, we discuss the sport’s origins with the CEO of Formula E. We talk to the racing teams and investigate the sports technological advances we can expect in the future.

Episode 7: Formula E Racing Special Part 1

EV TV  speaks with Formula E Operations and DHL, reveal the challenges, complexities and solutions needed to keep the events on track and in the big city centers.

Episode 6: New Era Of EV Logistics

In this episode we visit DHL’s Innovation Center near Cologne in Germany, one of several around the globe, and meet with Katja Busch, DHL CCO & Head of CSI and Fathi Tlatli, President Global Auto-Mobility sector DHL CSI.  

Episode 5: The EV Value Chain

This episode looks at how the transportation landscape has changed over the decades and what we can expect from electric vehicles charging in the future.

Episode 4: The EV Value Chain

Welcome to Episode four of EV TV – Electric Vehicle Television.  This programme looks at all aspects of transportation, electrification, and sustainable logistics to help you prepare for the demands of the future.

Episode 3: EV Battery Technology

Electric vehicle technology is changing fast.  We explore the incredible developments happening now and predict the future of EVs.

Episode 2: EV Battery Life Span & Lifecycles

How long do batteries last in electric cars? What is an electric car battery lifespan? These are highly charged questions that has been stimulating much debate and causing confusion amongst consumers. 

Episode 1: Our Environment

In the first episode of EV TV, we look at electric cars, pros & cons and how they impact our environment. We explore innovations in electric car technology and bust some myths about electricity production and carbon emissions.

Get involved in EV TV

Team EV is always looking for experts and contributors to help tell the EV story. If you would like to find out more or get involved, please get in touch. 

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