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Improve Auto-Mobility Operating Performance for Maxion Wheels

A Blockchain in Logistics case study

Maxion Wheels is the market leader in wheel manufacturing. Their sites and plants located in 14 different countries produce over 50 million wheels for all kinds of vehicles every year. With customers all over the world, their supply chain is quite complex, making use of Ocean, Road, Rail and multimodal transportation with different suppliers.

About Maxion Wheels

Wheels for passenger and commercial vehicles

Maxion Wheel's Products

From Turkey, Latin America and India

Key Origin Countries

To US, Canada, Europe and Asia-Pacific

Worldwide Destinations

10,000+ Wheel Experts

Employee Count

Maxion Wheels faced several challenges that hindered their operations

These included a lack of visibility into orders and shipments, the need to provide information from their SAP system to suppliers, an excessive reliance on manual interactions, a significant 20% rate of backorders resulting in stalled or non-moving orders, and persistent delays in last mile deliveries.

DHL Global Forwarding’s Solution: Blockchain-Powered BLESS

DHL began by conducting GEMBA Walks to identify transparency gaps and issues. Acting as a neutral transparency provider, BLESS (Baseline Ecosystem Service) integrated all parties and providers into a single system. Leveraging the existing BLESS network, which encompasses 17 ocean carriers, 150 terminals, and 30% of Road providers, Maxion Wheels seamlessly activated their network without any additional onboarding process. 

The operational benefits for Maxion Wheels

Real-time information sharing has led to improved transparency, enabling better visibility into orders and shipments. An impressive 30% increase in operating performance from booking to dispatch streamlines processes and expedites order fulfillment. With the establishment of a global network, the company now benefits from comprehensive carrier performance evaluation, facilitating easy decision-making for alternative route management. Additionally, the system boasts a seamless onboarding process for new suppliers, ensuring swift integration into the customer's network.

What Maxion Wheels Has to Say

Ready to enjoy improved transparency?

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