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We Care about Connecting, Caring, Complying, and Innovating

The life sciences and healthcare industry is experiencing an accelerated supply chain transformation; an increased need for efficiency, differentiated routes to market and access to new geographies; and is being challenged to enable digital supply chain solutions. 

DHL understands the undertake and is ready to help you navigate the challenges and opportunities of the healthcare landscape through a holistic range of patient-centricforward-thinkingintelligent healthcare logistics solutions – we call it our DHL Healthcare System. Through it, we enable you to leverage our ability to connectcarecomply and innovate, accessing our unparalleled expertise within a compliant global network. We bring you a more connected experience along the entire patient journey - from clinical trials to point of care, and everything in between. 

We ensure your pharmaceutical, medical devices and clinical trials logistics and supply chains are treated with CARE as we understand what is at stake – a life that will be saved or improved. We do this because at DHL, WE CARE! 

Life Sciences & Healthcare Products & Solutions Transport

DHL has a wide range of transportation options for the specific needs of the life sciences and healthcare industry.

  • Offering 24/7/365 proactive shipment monitoring and intervention, this service delivers regulatory compliance with high visibility of the Customer’s product movement throughout the supply chain.

    Meeting global standards for temperature-controlled life sciences air freight shipments, the service is supported by our global Good Distribution Practice (GDP) compliant network of certified life sciences stations.

    Adhering to regulatory compliant customer procedures, this service is managed through the industry-dedicated IT system ‘LifeTrack’.

  • Designed for temperature-controlled ocean freight life science shipments that require real-time visibility and active monitoring.

  • Transportation of time and temperature sensitive investigational medicines, clinical supplies and support materials to clinics and hospitals, and the inbound return transportation of time or temperature sensitive specimens to laboratories and research organizations often related to a Clinical Trial.

Warehousing Solutions

Life-science-graded regional hubs to safely store products close but outside target markets.

Life-science-graded forward stocking/ free trade zone locations in selected markets.

A global network of facilities focused on Life Sciences and Healthcare, over 140 life-science-graded and GDP-certified facilities in 40 countries. 10+ GMP facilities world-wide providing value added services optimizing the flexibility and agility of your supply chain.

  • From storage of raw materials to consumables, spare parts and finished goods, DHL provides solutions that ensure that you can deliver on your customer promise. And whether efficiency is best served by sharing warehouse operations or creating a dedicated operation, we will provide the solution that drives the best value for your business.

Integrated Solutions

  • Transform your supply chain with help from DHL as your Lead Logistics Partner, leveraging our expertise in the following areas:

    • Design - Ensure that your transport and supply chain processes flow as efficiently as possible with DHL's expert knowledge and innovative analysis tools
    • Management Services - Source logistics providers, manage suppliers and handle your customer touch points with our management offering, which also provides for freight bill, audit and customs services
    • Operations - Gain visibility, synchronize transport and minimize daily operational risks with our unique Control Tower offering
    • Continuous Improvement - Drive end-to-end visibility with our "Total Logistics Cost Management" approach, which helps you minimize costs with an ongoing analysis of changing market requirements, volumes volatility and evolving supply chain management trends
  • This premium management service caters for temperature-sensitive goods in pre-launch, launch and distribution stages. It provides post-shipment diagnostics, FMEA and auditing, cold chain optimization and data analysis services on all modes of transportation via the DHL and non-DHL network.

Life Sciences & Healthcare Insights

Keep abreast of the latest Life Sciences and Healthcare trends & innovations.