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Middle East Special - EV Aftermarket Insights for the Region

22 FEBRUARY 2022

This online event was broadcast live from Dubai and is the third in our series of DHL EV TV Live webinars. 

It’s a must-watch webinar for everyone in charge of the auto-mobility aftermarket across any region and especially the Middle East, as well as supply chain managers and designers. Let’s spark a new conversation about the growing importance of the electric vehicle (EV) and battery aftermarket in the Middle East. We’ll talk about regional challenges in EV aftermarket warehousing, distribution, and returns. And we’ll examine logistics solutions available along the entire global EV and battery value chain.

Setting up an efficient regional EV & battery aftermarket

Discover everything you need to know about setting up an efficient regional EV and battery aftermarket. As electrification gains momentum around the world, join us from Dubai to explore regional challenges and opportunities as DHL opens its Middle East EV and battery logistics center of excellence. 

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Fabio Sacchi

VP Commercial Business Development, DHL Team EV

Toby Groom

EV Logistics Program Lead, DHL CSI

  • Fabio Sacchi is VP of  Commercial Business Development for DHL Team EV. His work focuses on Global Customer Management & Sub-Sector (Commercial Vehicles) as well as new development and logistic solutions that fit emerging customer's business models. Fabio’s career spans over 20 years in the Transportation and Logistics Industry, 15 of which were dedicated to automotive. Thanks to his experience he has become an expert in Freight Forwarding, Express, and Supply Chain, supporting innovation and solutions applied specifically to the automotive sector. He has endorsed different management responsibilities during his career which took him to every corner of the world.

  • Toby Groom is passionate about evolution in the logistics industry, especially relating to developments in the field of EV Logistics. He is a trusted value creator and communicator, who enables and actualizes customer focused concepts with integrity, in a stakeholder orientated professional manner.

    Toby has been with DHL for 20+ years, with intimate experience in logistics operations, solution consulting and design, and customer development. He has a background in the Technology, Life Sciences & Auto-Mobility sectors, which provides a rounded perception on the growing EV Logistics market leveraging experience of similar journeys in parallel industries. He is currently leading the EV Logistics Program within DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation and, together with the rest of Team EV, he is responsible for driving strategic development in a market with evolving regulations and customer requirements. 



Taking Charge of EV Logistics: Enabling Tomorrow’s Electric Mobility

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