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Ocean Freight Online Systems

Learn about our online tools to view our weekly export LCL schedule from Japan, book LCL shipments online or get e-mail updates on your import shipments by simple registration.

LCL Web Booking

You can view our LCL consolidation schedule from Japan to more than 350 countries and regions and book your export shipments online with our in-house web booking system. You can also look up the status of your booked vessel.

You don’t need a user account in order to view or download the consolidation schedule. Only if you want to book a shipment you can simply register as a new user.

Visit the LCL Web Booking

Look up Vessel Status

Register as a new user

Import Schedule-Info System (Isys)

Our in-house web-based system provides notifications about each significant status and schedule alterations of your ocean freight import shipments automatically send to your email account and simultaneously to your consignee, shipper and customs or delivery agents, so they can make further arrangements. Moreover, all parties involved can download detailed status reports on your entire import shipments.