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Mining and Construction Equipment

Going the extra mile to keep industry moving forwards

It is challenging to get capital equipment, aftermarket parts and consumables to places that are often remote. What’s needed is an industrial- logistics partner with global presence, specialist supply chain knowledge, and years of industry-specific experience. DHL supports the mining logistics and construction equipment industry by managing the entire supply chain and providing a broad range of logistic services, from traditional transportation and warehousing to battery logistics, heavy-lift movements, and site logistics.

We operate as a strategic partner to help businesses operate more efficiently. With state-of-the-art technologies such as robotics, IoT sensors, data analytic platforms, and back-office process digitalization, we ensure that your supply chain is running smoothly, allowing you to focus on your core business. Additionally, our extensive battery logistics experience in the Auto-Mobility sector enables us to support the mining and construction equipment industry’s transition to hybrid, as well as to electric equipment. With a suite of GoGreen programs and tailored sustainability offerings, we are the market-leading industrial logistics partner for businesses on their journey to net zero.

Our industrial logistics services help to address trends facing the mining and construction equipment industry, such as:

Electrification and Hybridization

With world-leading battery logistics capabilities, DHL can enable your transition to electric and hybrid equipment.


DHL is pioneering sustainable logistics solutions in transportation, warehousing, and packaging, making us the ideal partner in achieving your sustainability goals.

Shifting Demand Patterns and Changing Geographies

DHL operates in 220+ countries and territories globally, so we’re the established, on-the-ground expert for mining and construction customers exploring new geographies.

Automation and Digitalization

Smarter, increasingly digital equipment is driving the proliferation of components. DHL is your trusted spare parts logistics partner, dedicated to minimizing your operational downtime.  

Predictive Maintenance

Our approach to creating optimal flows of spare parts helps to minimize downtime for machine repairs.


We provide a range of returns services to help you extend the life of valuable equipment.

DHL Capabilities in Mining Logistics and Construction Logistics

With DHL as their industrial logistics partner, our mining and construction equipment customers benefit from our global reach and worldwide transportation network, combined with the detailed local knowledge of industry specialists working around the world. This snapshot of some key Mining and Construction Logistics services shows how we help our customers to develop a competitive edge:

Battery Logistics

DHL is a world leader in battery logistics, with the expertise and infrastructure to manage the exacting requirements of handling batteries of all sizes. We ensure the safe, compliant management of batteries throughout their lifecycle, from initial transportation and storage through to return for recycling or disposal.

Spare Parts Logistics

Our highly reliable, customizable spare parts solution for urgent and non-urgent tasks keeps maintenance downtime to a minimum. We rapidly bring spare parts from nearby DHL forward-stocking facilities to point-of-use and provide real-time inventory and shipment visibility so you can reduce both operating and inventory costs.

Industrial Projects and Equipment Transport

Moving large or fragile equipment is a challenge. DHL provides freight-forwarding services for heavy-lift movements to 150 countries, performing operations to the highest health and safety standards, guided by ‘zero harm’ and ‘zero tolerance’ principles to protect people, assets, and the environment. We support customers with single move and ad hoc shipments, capital projects, and with maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) logistics, as well as global multi-supplier management.

Final Mile Delivery and Site Logistics

We collaborate with customers to build an efficient delivery network to their remote or hard-to-access sites, reducing costs and ensuring that equipment is in the right location at the right time. Our on-site warehousing capabilities keep critical parts secure and available when needed.

Warehousing and Distribution

DHL’s scalable, flexible warehousing enables your supply chains to keep running smoothly, and it can accommodate sudden changes in demand. We offer dedicated and shared tailored warehousing options, and high levels of customer service. Our integrated transport solutions allow you to outsource your entire transportation function, or simply access extra capacity at short notice. DHL can manage all domestic and international ground transport needs, and provide full control and visibility. 

Smart Solutions

Our smart solutions give you transparency and close control of high-value assets. We offer a wide range of IoT-based tracking solutions that can give visibility of each shipment, asset or inventory location, and we can advise on the best device for the application. We also provide condition-monitoring technologies that track temperature, humidity, air quality, tampering, motion, and other data points for shipments. With real-time visibility, interventions can be made immediately if needed, to make sure assets arrive in perfect condition.

Sustainable Logistics

At DHL, we are committed to electrifying 60% of our first and last mile vehicles, increasing our use of sustainable fuels to not less than 30% and building 100% of all new buildings carbon neutral by 2030. With alternative sustainability offerings for 100% of our core products, we can help you achieve your sustainability targets. DHL can provide visibility on your logistics emissions, offer carbon-neutral shipping, deploy electric and low-emission vehicles, provide eco-friendly packaging, and operate green warehouses, giving you a competitive advantage in a world increasingly focussed on sustainability.

Lead Logistics Partner (LLP)

Because we’re the world’s largest contract logistics specialist, we bring our customers the benefits of global scale and local insight. As a LLP we can manage your supplier relationships, co-ordinate your complex supply chains and help to optimize business processes. Our priorities are to strengthen supply chains, improve resilience, and help you make savings in all areas. 

Logistics Talks

A new video series featuring in-depth interviews with senior supply chain and logistics executives on current and future logistics trends. Learn from those who are paving the way!

Lead Logistics Partner (LLP)

Discover how a Lead Logistics Partnership with DHL Supply Chain brings actionable insights, tailored business solutions and cross-industry expertise.

Electric Vehicle and Battery Logistics

Through extensive supply chain experience in the automotive sector – with vehicle manufacturers as well as battery manufacturers – DHL has developed EV capabilities that give customers in the mining and construction equipment industry a competitive advantage. 

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