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Case Studies

We help Engineering and Manufacturing companies keep the world moving.

Working collaboratively with customers operating in diverse specialties, we strengthen their increasingly global, complex supply chains and help them to overcome logistics challenges, creating a competitive advantage.

Engineering and Manufacturing Customer Case Studies

Our commitment to innovation is helping Engineering and Manufacturing customers harness new technologies to drive service improvements and operate more efficiently, while our expertise in logistics ensures reliable solutions for both the final mile and returns.

Industrial Projects Out of Gauge

For the safe, compliant management of over-sized cargo with specialized handling requirements

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Lead Logistics Partner (LLP)

Managing logistics, coordinating goods transportation, planning, and handling stakeholders efficiently

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Aftermarket Final Mile to Engineers

Reducing the time to serve by rapidly delivering spare parts to field engineers reliably and cost-effectively

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Returns and Repair Logistics

Best-practice management and control of manufacturing equipment and spare parts

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Mining and Construction Equipment Customer Case Studies

We go the extra mile for businesses operating in conditions that are often remote and challenging.

Mining Site Domestic Logistics

Reducing the time to serve by locating and operating a spare parts warehouse and refurbishment center near each mine

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Aftermarket Logistics for Mining Dealers

Keeping mining equipment up and running with the efficient delivery to dealers of spare parts and consumables

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Transportation for Aviation and Aerospace

Our transportation solutions for aviation and aerospace assets offer transparency, security and compliance at the highest level. Explore our customer case studies below.

Lead Logistics Partner (LLP)

Providing 24/7 neutral supply chain orchestration for order fulfilment, network optimization and supplier management.

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Engine Logistics

For the safe, secure movement of engines and other highly sensitive assets, managing risks and delivering on agreed standards.

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Time-Definite Parts Transportation

Enabling fast international delivery of aerospace and aviation parts through expedited transportation services.

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Customs and Compliance Solutions

Combining country-specific expertise with global capabilities to manage and optimize all customs clearance procedures globally.

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Value-added Services for Aviation and Aerospace

Our range of value-added services include the use of smart solutions, risk management and mode optimization - tailored to the needs of the Aviation and Aerospace industry. Read more below.

Supply Chain Risk Management

Global risk analytics for faster, smarter, leaner, and more sustainable aerospace and aviation supply chains.

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Mode Optimization

Flexible, best-fit selection of transportation modes to ensure aircraft components and spare parts move from distant sources, arriving safely and on schedule.

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Warehousing for Aviation and Aerospace

Our tailored warehouse solutions for the Aviation and Aerospace industry offer complete piece of mind for the safe and secure storage and control of aviation assets and parts. Read our real-life customer case studies below.

Warehousing and Contract Logistics

For the safe, secure storage and control of aerospace and aviation assets and parts.

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