Transit Times

Benefit from our Transit Time Tool and find out Transit Time from postcode to postcode

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eShipping Tools

Tracking Tools

  • DHL Active Tracing provides our customers:

    • Full event scanning history, dates and locations from collection to delivery
    • Comprehensive shipment information
    • Direct shipment web link for you and your customers

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  • EDI Status

    A status report message will be sent to a customer (or any other third party) to report

    • The transport status and/or 
    • A change in the transport status (i.e. event) of the consignment

    EDI Booking

    • Efficient shipment booking
    • Full shipment visibility (Track & Trace)
    • Fast and reliable e-invoice information
    • Technical support
    • Full transparency across all DHL shipments
    • Fast deployment and simplified integration

    Interested to find out more? Please request further details from your local customer service or from your DHL Freight sales contact.


  • eBilling is the process of replacing paper invoicing/manual spreadsheets with billing invoices sent electronically to the customer or to their chosen third party provider – e.g. Freight Payment Provider (FPP), Post Auditor.

    eBilling benefits:

    • Streamlines the administration process
    • Cost efficiency savings over manually prepared documents
    •  Environmental friendly solution
    • Reduction of the billing/payment cycle

    In case you would like to find out more, get in touch with your Local DHL Freight customer service

    If you want invoices in pdf-format, fill in the form behind this link

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