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How to ship liquid Cargo in Bulk? In this short video, learn what is Containerized Bulk Shipping, which commodities can be shipped in Bulk, what transport options are available for you, and how it benefits your business.

What Is Containerized Bulk

In today's globalized world, there is a constant demand for cost-effective and efficient transportation of liquids across vast distances. While traditional methods of liquid shipping, such as drums or tankers, have been widely used, containerized bulk liquid shipping has emerged as a highly attractive option for shippers and receivers alike. 

If you're seeking an efficient and cost-effective way to transport your liquid cargo, containerized bulk shipping can be the way to go. This method involves packing your liquids into an ISO Tank or a Flexitank, which are placed inside a standard shipping container. 

Which Industries Benefit From Containerized Bulk Shipping

Let’s have a look at which industries benefit from containerized bulk shipping.

With Containerized Bulk Shipping, you can ship a wide range of products into sectors such as automotive, construction, energy, and consumer. 


  • Chemicals: Petrochemicals, oleochemicals, natural and synthetic latex, and food and feed ingredients such as lactic acid, polyols, betaines, and emulsifiers.
  • Mineral Oils: Base oils, transformer oils, white oils, and finished lubricants.
  • Agricultural and Foodstuff: Edible oils, syrups, juice concentrates, cocoa and chocolate, dairy products, mineral water, and pepper mash.

What are Different Bulk Liquid Shipping Options

So what are the different shipping options for you?

Bulk Liquid shipping options offer a wide range of choices for transporting different commodities, each with its own unique features and advantages.  

  • Parcel Tankers: Liquid bulk commodities such as fuels, biofuels, lubricants, oils, chemicals, liquid fertilizers, and edible oils and juices are shipped using tankers specifically designed to load and unload liquids.
  • ISO Tank Containers: These are made from a stainless-steel cylinder and are surrounded by a standard 20-foot container steel framework, making them intermodal and suitable for transport via rail, road, and sea. They are ideal for hazardous and non-hazardous liquids and can carry between 24,000 to 26,000 liters of cargo.
  • Flexitanks: They are another option for the carriage of non-hazardous liquids, designed as flexible bladders installed in standard shipping containers. Compared to ISO Tanks their advantage is that they are readily available worldwide, in light of equipment imbalances that may persist in certain markets for ISO Tanks.
  • IBC Totes and Drums: These are smaller packaging types and can carry up to 1 cubic meter of hazardous and non-hazardous liquids, making them an excellent choice for businesses that transport smaller volumes.

Why Choose Containerized Bulk for Transporting Your Liquid Cargo?

Interested to know what are the benefits for you?

If you are looking to transport your liquid cargo most efficiently and cost-effectively, containerized bulk transportation might be the answer you are looking for. Here are the top 4 reasons why:

  1. Optimized transport costs: By transporting your liquid cargo in bulk, you can avoid the additional costs associated with packaging, such as containers, drums, or totes. 
  2. Efficiency gains at shipper and receiver sites: Bulk containers can help reduce the time and labor required to handle and load the cargo and minimize the risk of damage or spillage.
  3. Lower environmental impact: Containerized bulk transportation can significantly reduce the environmental impact of your liquid cargo transportation. Additionally, bulk containers can be reused, further reducing waste and environmental impact.
  4. Improved quality of your cargo: Transporting your liquid cargo in bulk can reduce the risk of contamination and damage that can occur during packaging and handling.

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