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Road Freight Surcharges

DHL Freight regularly reviews the surcharges for road freight transports. Please find the valid surcharges below.

Forwarding Surcharges 2024

Currency Supplement for Cross-Border Traffic

For cross-border shipments, most of DHL Global Forwarding Norway's costs are invoiced in Danish kroner (DKK) and euros (EUR), while we invoice our customers in Norwegian kroner (NOK). For most of our customers, we charge for cross-border traffic a floating currency surcharge. For a few customers, currency changes have been included in our prices.

We are now in an extreme situation where the krone has become weaker than what we have included in our calculations. We therefore see ourselves having to introduce a temporary currency supplement for those of our customers who do not have a floating supplement and who are billed in Norwegian kroner (NOK). At the end of May, the increase compared to the 2022 average was equal to 16.3% against the euro and 16.1% against the Danish kroner.

The extraordinary supplement will therefore be set at 16% and it will be applied from 01.07.2023. The supplement will be valid until we see a need to change based on the development in currency going forward.

Additional Diesel Surcharge

Since the introduction of the additional 6% diesel surcharge on March 14, prices have continued to rise.

We follow the development in diesel prices closely and will adjust the surcharge up or down if prices change in the future.

Fuel Surcharge - Road and Rail

Due to the heavy increase in the fuel prices we are obliged to recover parts of this cost rise. We will have to charge a variable fuel surcharge on our Euroconnect and Euroline services.

The add-on in percentage is adjusted monthly, based on the average rate of the four weeks between the 15th each month.

Since March 1st 2013, the fuel surcharge, both domestic and international, is based on a monthly average rate from Energi og Olieforum EOF’s published fuel tariffs.

Service Surcharge 27.06.2022 Surcharge 13.06.2022

Surcharge June 


Rate 27.06.2022 Rate 13.06.2022

Rate June  


Domestic 30.50 % 17.50 % 12.50 % 2054 1828 1750
International 66.90 % 56.40 % 52.90 % 2054 1828 1750

Road Tax (Maut) in Europe

Road Tax in Europe varies depending of which Euro norm the different vehicle is registered. The Euro norm range is from 2 to 5. Euro class 2 and 3 pollute more and old vehicles will therefore have higher costs, while new vehicles in Euro class 4 and 5 pollute less and have lower costs.

A part of DHLs environmental focus is using new trucks. We have also introduced strict requirements to our subcontractors. This means that we can limit the Road Tax (Maut) to minimum costs, which benefit both the environment and our customers.

Below, please find an overview of which countries and rates applicable for charging Road Tax (Maut).

Foreign Currency Surcharge

Based on the continuous shifting in the Foreign exchange market which influence our cost estimates, we have found it appropriate to introduce a variable Foreign Currency Surcharge.

We will operate individual add-on’s for Europe (incl The Baltics), Great Britain, Sweden and Denmark.

The surcharge is set and adjusted monthly, based on The Bank of Norway’s published currency exchange.

Exchange Surcharge


Rate May 2024

Rate April 2024

Rate March 2024

Surcharge May 2024

Surcharge April 2024

Surcharge March 2024

Europe/Baltics, EUR














Sweden, SEK




19,20% 19,20%


Denmark, DKK

156,98 154,49


39,00% 36,80%



You can also find information published by Norges Bank for documentation. Monthly Update.

Mobility Package Surcharge

Change of the EU Mobility Package Surcharge applicable from 05/09/2022

When we introduced the EU Mobility Pack fee on 20/03/2022, this was done on the basis of calculations we based on information available at that time. In retrospect, it has turned out that our estimates for costs related to driving the tow truck home, journey home for drivers, weekend rest for drivers, minimum wage for drivers and administration have been far higher than our calculations.

We therefore see ourselves having to increase the EU Mobility Pack fee to 14.5 % on both imports and exports, effective from 05.09.2022.

MAUT increase in Germany

On 1 December 2023, the tax for trailers will increase with a CO₂ supplement. In addition, the toll limit must be reduced from 7.5 to 3.5 tonnes. This change entails an increase in costs, which in turn means that we have to adjust the MAUT supplement we charge our customers.

Introduction of the EU ETS on ferry routes

As part of the European effort to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, from 01.01.2024 climate quotas will be introduced on all shipping. The quotas are bought for one month at a time and the price per ferry route can vary from month to month. The cost of these climate quotas depends on the different ferry routes - DHL Global Forwarding Norway as will from 01.01.2024 charge NOK 1, 25 per 100 kg - max NOK 300, min NOK 2.50 per consignment. This fee can be changed based on changes in quota purchases.