Road Freight Booking Tool

For European Road Freight

New Customer

Become a DHL Freight customer and begin to enjoy the benefits of online booking.

Existing Customer

DHL Freight Online Booking Tool is a perfect shipping management tool for account holders. It provides direct access to shipment details, saving you time and money. And is configurable to your business needs.

Introducing DHL Freight Online Booking Tool

  • Fast and easy electronic shipping process

    • High data quality and error reduction by automation
    • Quick and easy capture of data in prefabricated templates for frequent orders
    • Creation of shipping documents
    • One click shipment tracking with

    Solutions can be individually tailored to your needs - from simple input via Internet browser to file-upload.

    Requires registration and user ID.

  • The easy-to-use software not only offers fast shipping, but also several management options:

    •  Address-Book
    •  Shipping-Statistics
    •  Management of own data

    Requires registration and user ID.

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