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Driving Your Business Forward

Whichever auto-mobility materials or products you need, and wherever you need them, DHL has the experience, capacity and technology to get them there – cost-effectively and right on time.

  • Increasing car ownership in new and emerging markets, coupled with an expanding middle class, is changing the world’s auto-mobility map. In response to this demand shift, businesses are moving production closer to consumption, which many times results in dealing with long-distance supply of materials. DHL not only provides logistics support for the construction of new assembly plants, but can also provide cross-border and customs expertise, visibility and control of materials, and aftersales network versatility to cope with any location and any level of distribution services.

  • Cars are becoming “technology on wheels”, with consumers increasingly making purchase decisions on “intelligence” and infotainment value. Now viewed by many as an extension of a mobile device, a vehicle's advanced capabilities may include active parking and other functions to minimize incidents and driver errors. Our cross-sector expertise – particularly in the technology market – and our supplier relationships, experience with high-value, short-lifecycle parts, and network links with component producers across the world make DHL the perfect partner on this journey.

  • Today's consumers expect greater scope for model choice, features and personalization, matched with seamless service when it comes to purchase, finance, insurance and aftersales. Our sequencing and just-in-time services support the production of different models on the same assembly line, with materials fed direct to the line side, exactly where needed. Similarly, our efficient aftermarket solutions reduce dealer' stock needs – without impacting customer satisfaction – and make space for repairs by supplying parts on demand.

Passenger Vehicles

DHL offers the auto-mobility industry's broadest range of supply chain services, meeting intensifying demands relating to new assembly plant locations, productions efficiency, customer service and more.

  • The location of production facilities in fast-growing emerging markets, to be closer to the end consumer, has resulted in extended supply lines. Meanwhile, the rise of OEM mega-platforms has intensified the focus on driving greater efficiencies. To help alleviate these pressures, we design supply chains that deliver the right part at the right time, wherever your production plant is located. Our global operations and transportation capabilities provide a seamless experience from origin to destination, and our ability to sequence parts for direct delivery to the assembly line and line-side, gives you increased productivity and efficiency.

  • Today’s consumers demand a seamless purchase, finance, insurance and aftersales experience, as well as a personalized vehicle that ticks everything on their wish list. We make it possible to meet these requirements through efficient, just-in-time and just-in-sequence delivery solutions for the rapidly expanding number and variety of parts required for today’s vehicles. At the same time, our efficient operations network ensures that dealers are quickly supplied with replacement parts.

  • Turning cars into technology on wheels: The demand for the “connected”, self-driving and self-diagnosing vehicle has led to an exponential increase in technology-related parts. With extensive cross-sector knowledge and expertise in the technology industry, DHL knows all about handling high-value parts, dealing with shorter product lifecycles and sourcing items from suppliers that have traditionally served the technology market.

Commercial Vehicles

DHL understands the importance of collaborating with Original Equipment Manufacturers of commercial vehicles to co-engineer new vehicle technologies, reduce fuel consumption and emissions, and reduce total cost of ownership.

  • Modern vehicle operators are looking for safety and environmental friendliness through telematics technology, which is bringing new levels of transparency. Meanwhile, the related issue of emissions is driving demand for electric, hybrid and other “clean” power sources. Use of data from “connected vehicles”, which transmit information on their health and activities, is the route to closer monitoring, better maintenance scheduling and – based on historical data – leaner stockholding of parts.

  • As well as demanding better fuel economy, lower prices for new vehicles and higher resale values, the market is looking for product bundles with value-added services, which are key to maintaining margins. To minimize costs DHL can design a supply chain that avoids unnecessary parts replacement and helps to coordinate maintenance and repair work more efficiently.

  • Responding to growth in emerging markets, manufacturers are expanding their geographical footprint to bring production facilities closer to consumers. In some cases, the development of "low-cost" platforms aims to penetrate these highly competitive markets. Our logistics capability is ready to support construction of new assembly plants, while our cross-border and customs expertise, together with facilities for improving control and visibility of materials, ensures reliable delivery whatever the distance. These services are backed by a variety of global aftermarket networks designed to meet differing strategies.

Component Manufacturers

DHL provides all the logistics support a manufacturer needs to keep the assembly line supplied with parts of every kind, including a wide range of inbound-to-manufacturing (I2M) and value-added services.

  • To keep pace with demand, manufacturers have brought product development time down from 3.2 to 2.7 years. Additionally, the value chain is transforming into a fluid ecosystem where players’ roles are changing, new players are entering and one-dimensional players are being squeezed out. DHL has the agility to help support the rapid adaptation needed to meet these market challenges, and our deep understanding and experience of the industry’s dynamics enables non-stop innovation and supply chain continuity.

  • Manufacturers are now demanding greater cost transparency, which we achieve by unbundling logistics costs from parts costs. Our capability in this area makes everything transparent and gives a higher level of control and visibility over costs and spending.

  • While manufacturers are relocating production to meet demand in emerging markets, their overall global footprint is often best served by using the same suppliers in every region. DHL is available, wherever needed, to support this development. We offer solid experience in transferring our proven expertise and capabilities from mature to emerging markets. We can also help through our inventory financing options, which support faster access to finance and thereby free up working capital and cash to fund growth.

  • Whether the auto-mobility production plant is located in a traditional home region or in one of the new and emerging markets, manufacturers need suppliers to deliver parts just-in-time and in-sequence. We are highly experienced in applying our proven expertise and capabilities to both mature and emerging markets, and our sequencing capabilities allow multiple models and variants to be produced on the same assembly line.


Whatever vehicle a tire is destined for, our specialized warehousing and distribution solutions guarantee rapid, efficient and cost-effective delivery.

  • The profitability of tire manufacturing and supply depends on cost-efficient operations. In addition to this, technological innovations and increasing factory automation are likely to affect the global auto-mobility tire industry in the near future. With our continuous improvement mind set, DHL can be counted upon for support all the way. Our collaborative platforms in particular offer great scope for improved efficiencies.

  • When it comes to tires, the key to customer satisfaction and profitability is price and local availability. With demand growing in emerging economies such as China, India, Thailand and Vietnam, these factors become even more crucial. Emerging economies are expected to boost the industry and DHL will be there to help tire companies make the most of it. Everyday, in countries around the world, our efficient warehousing and transportation networks can help ensure your customers receive their order the same or the next day.

  • Although a tire needs to be physically fitted at a service center or dealership, businesses can make use of e-commerce technology to speed up the ordering, warehousing and delivery processes. Our integrated IT solutions improve visibility of orders and demand, and we can always be relied upon for our rapid distribution capability.

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