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DHL eCommerce FAQs for Business Shippers

Whether you are already a customer or you are looking to learn more about shipping with us, here are some quick answers to your top questions.

Our Services

Where can I find pricing information?

We are happy to provide you with more information about shipping with DHL eCommerce upon request. You can get started by requesting a quote from a sales representative.

How can I become a DHL eCommerce customer?

Great to hear that you are interested in our services. We are happy to receive your request. You can start by filling our easy request a quote form. Once we know what you’re looking for our team will be in touch.

When can I start shipping parcels with DHL eCommerce?

The timeline will range from 1 - 7 working days for account creation and onboarding your team with DHL processes.

What service does DHL eCommerce offer?

DHL eCommerce offers nationwide domestic express delivery and pickup service with our DHL owned network. Delivery lead time can vary depending on the product/service selected and origin/destination relation;

Same Day Delivery Service: Delivery within Same Day for Bangkok and Greater Bangkok areas

Standard Delivery Service:    

  • Next Day delivery for Bangkok, Greater Bangkok and Thailand Upcountry 
  • 2 - 3 transit days for remote area origin/destination.

What is the maximum weight and dimensions per shipment?

Standard Delivery Service: 

  • Maximum weight: 30 kg
  • Maximum dimension: 200 cm (Length + Width + Height)

For other services, please contact our Sales Representatives.

How can I add insurance to my shipment?

Our Standard Delivery Service already include Shipment Value Protection with coverage of up to THB 2,000 per parcel for loss or damage shipments while in transit. Additional insurance can be purchased to insure higher value items, please contact our Sales Representative through our easy quote form for more details.

How long does DHL take for COD remittance?

COD will be remitted within 3 business days (excluded Saturday, Sunday and public holidays) after shipment has been delivered.

What are considered as prohibited items?

For a complete list, please visit our Prohibited and Restricted Goods page.

How can I track my shipments?

As DHL eCommerce Customer you will have access to our Customer Web Portal which enables you among other features to track your shipments with a tracking number. 

Your recipients can track their individual parcels on our Track and Trace page.

Please be aware that different products include different levels of tracking detail.

Insurance Claims

What is the claim's condition?

Here are shipment conditions which are eligible to proceed for claim;

  • Lost or damaged shipment caused by DHL eCommerce
  • Non-prohibited shipments
  • Shipment must be packed safely according to DHL eCommerce's standard
  • Shipment status must not be delivered

If merchant request to process claim for lost and damaged shipment, DHL eCommerce will serve the right to hold the shipment at our facility without returning to the merchant.

What are the steps of request claims?

If your shipment is lost, damaged, or missing content, the completion of correct corresponding claim form is required for further consideration based on our claim conditions. Here are all relevant information necessary to process your claim.

  1. Please complete the claim form as attached.
  2. Please provide invoice copy, proof of payment, bank transactions, or the price of goods shown in website
  3. In case, claim is proceeded on non-DHLeC customer account's behalf, ID card (for Thai citizen) or passport (for foreigner) is requested.
  4. (For case of damage) Please provide photographs of the packaging in all aspects including nature of damage. If possible, a photo should show packing type as well.

In order to submit your claim as soon as possible, please follow subsequent steps:

  • The submission of all requested necessary information shall be made to DHL eCommerce within 5 working days after the date of written claim form submission to Customer Service Department. In case the necessary information is unable to fulfill in the mentioned period, DHL eCommerce reserves the right to reject claim
  • A claim form is to limit for each shipment receipt only.
  • DHL eCommerce’s maximum liability is strictly limited to direct loss and damage to shipment only with the actual cost not over 2,000 THB for one receipt of shipment except there is any additional written agreement between sender and DHL eCommerce.
  • Please be advised that, under the DHL claim policy, DHL eCommerce’s liability coverage cannot in active for those below listed prohibited parcels. Therefore, DHL eCommerce reserves the right to reject. Besides, the right to submit a claim belongs to one of two parties: the bill-to party (DHL eCommerce account holder) or, in certain cases, the sender.

For any inquiry, please directly contact our Customer Service Department. Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 8 pm.

Claim Form (Fillable PDF)

How long does it take for claim process?

It takes 7 working days for consideration and within 30 days for compensation if the claim is accepted in accordance with claim policy.

What is the period that the sender must submit the claim form?

The written claim request must be submitted to DHL eCommerce within 30 days from the date that DHL eCommerce accepts the delivery of the sender.

Can customers request a claim after the parcel is lost or damaged after 2 months?

We are sorry to inform you that your claim will not be accepted because the written claim request must be submitted to DHL eCommerce within 30 days from the date that DHL eCommerce accepts the delivery of the sender. In case, the sender does not proceed the claim within the mentioned period, DHL eCommerce reserves the right to reject the claim at present and in the future.

Customer Web Portal

Do you have a tool to manage shipments online?

Through the Customer Web Portal, customers can track and easily manage multiple shipments online. In addition, recurring reports can be scheduled on a daily or weekly basis. Reports can be customized to include specific report elements important to you. 

More information about our portal can be found on our Data Integrations Page.

Where can I log in to the Customer Web Portal?

Registered customers can log in to the Asia Pacific DHL eCommerce Customer Web Portal.

I forgot my portal log-in details, who can I contact?

If you’ve forgotten your login credentials to access the Customer Web Portal, kindly contact our Customer Service.

Need help with a shipment that is en route?

Let’s get you over to our Tracking and Customer Service areas. Once there, simply enter your tracking number and we’ll help you locate the information you need.