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  • DHL has introduced a flexible surcharge for diesel fuel as of 1 July 2004.

    The fuel surcharge for March 2022 is 29,5%

    The charge for diesel oil has risen by more than 10% since May 2003. Due to the consistent upward trend in prices our operative costs have increased considerably. In the course of the year, we have covered a significant cost factor ourselves. The extent of the current pricing pressure, however, forces us to introduce a fuel surcharge worldwide to absorb the impact of the increased diesel charges.

    The additional charge has been valid since 1 July 2004 for all national and international road transport (general cargo, part load and full load shipments in Europe).

    Calculation method:

    Due to the fluctuation of the price of diesel, we have chosen a flexible solution that is in line with the actual diesel price fluctuations, instead of charging you an average additional price for the entire year. The DHL Freight diesel fuel surcharge refers to the Austrian sales price of diesel, published by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs.

    Prices are given in euros per liters of diesel.

    For calculation we use the price of the first day of each month.

    The surcharge is counted exclusively at intervals of 1%.

  • Road Tax in Austria for Freight Vehicles

    On 1 January 2004, road pricing was introduced in Austria for freight vehicles using the network of larger roads, dependent upon the number of kilometers travelled. The new law affects all road transport vehicles with a maximum permissible weight of more than 3.5 tonnes. 

    The basis for this law is as follows:

    • Road pricing regulation for A-roads of 16.7.2002
    • Road pricing regulation of 5.11.2002
    • Road pricing exemption regulation of 20.12.2002
    • Road pricing regulation of 21.6.2007
    • Road pricing regulation of 10.4.2008
    • Road pricing regulation of 01.01.2012

    The existing special tolls will also continue to be charged. 

    Road pricing for freight vehicles has the character of a charge for the distance driven. As a result, we cannot bear the additional costs which arise, despite our efforts to optimize transportation.

    DHL Freight

    In these areas, an additional road pricing charge for freight vehicles has been introduced as of 01 January 2004 for all groupage and part load consignments shipped in Austria.

  • Road Tax for Germany and Transit Countries

    Road tax for trucks was introduced on 1 January 2005 as a public charge on all motorways in Germany. All goods-carrying road vehicles of over 12 tons in total permissible weight are subject to the new charge. The legal basis for road pricing is the Motorway Toll Act, which came into force on 12.04.2002.

    Other countries like Switzerland or the Czech Republic for example have also introduced a road tax for trucks.

    Road Freight – Groupage, Part- and Full Load

    DHL Freight charges the road tax from 1 January 2005 on for all Road Freight transports to Germany and in the following transit countries:

    Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, UK, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Poland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark. 

    Road Pricing Tables DHL Freight:

    The calculation of road pricing is based on:

    • The number of kilometers covered subject to road pricing
    • The number of vehicle axles
    • The pollutant class of the vehicle

    Despite our efforts to optimize transportation, DHL, like every other company in the transport sector, is unable to compensate additional road pricing costs through our transport prices.

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